Renaissance Faire

Guilds, Troupes and Organizations

Friends of Faire
(South & North)
Kriegshunde Fahnlein
(German Landsknechts)
Bankeside School of Defense

Inside Guilds
St. Andrews
St. Blaise
(Town Criers)
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St. Cuthbert
(Parades & Pageants)
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St. Electus
St. Ives
(Middle Class)
St. Helena
San Lorenzo
(Italians, South)
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St. Michael
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Gentlemen Adventurers
Commedia Volante
(Italian Comedy)
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Dominatori Della Commedia
(Italian Comedy)
Queen's Court
Yeoman of the Guard
(Queen's Guard, North & South)
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Outside Guilds
St. Albans
(Green Man Inn)
St. George
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Santa Maria
(Italians, North)
St. Patricks
(Irish, North)
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Misc Listings
Ren-Faire Entertainment
(semi-official list)
RenFair RPFI
(un-official list)
The Directorie
(most comprehensive list on the Net)

Originally created 15 February 1996
by Gary Kephart