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The Alarming History of Medicine
by Richard Gordon
St. Martin's Press, New York, 1993, 256pp, HC
[Europe, BC-16C; also Western, 17-20C]
"Amusing Anecdotes from Hippocrates to Heart Transplants".

  1. Hippocrates and All That
  2. Man, Microbes and History
  3. Discoveries in the Dark
  4. The Conquest of Pain
  5. The Gold-headed Cane
  6. The Demon Barbers
  7. Sex and its Snags
  8. Dead Ends
  9. Odd Practices
  10. Freud, the English Governess and the Smell of Burnt Pudding
  11. Scholars, Truants and Teachers' Pets
  12. The Body Politic
  13. One Small Step for a Man, One Giant Leap for Mankind
  1. The first transplant: saintly surgery by Cosmas and Damian
  2. Vesalius teaching anatomy
  3. Domicilliary delivery, sixteenth century
  4. Doctor's plague kit
  5. Weight watching, 1614
  6. A touch of royalty: Charles II's TB clinic
  7. Hogarth's doctors, sniffing their gold-headed canes and tasting their patient's urine
  8. Juptile and the mad dog in the Institut Pasteur, Paris
  9. Europe's first anaesthetic. Liston is perform the operation (on the wrong leg)
  10. Lord Lister's carbolic spray
  11. The father of medicine, Hippocrates
  12. St. Anthony and pig, treating patient with St. Anthony's Fire
  13. Pregnancy simplified
  14. The water of love: Mal d'Amour by Gerard Dou
  15. Edward Jenner, the milkmaid's friend
  16. Punch classic
  17. Punch chestnut
  18. Punch medical student
  19. 'Every day, in every way ...' Coué and patients
  20. The Lady's lamp
  21. Routine amputation, late eighteenth century
  22. Professor Hörlein of Wuppertal
  23. Sulphonamide patent, 1933
  24. Pinel frees madmen and madwomen
  25. The Charcot show: Charcot lecturing on hysteria at the Salpêtrière , Paris
  26. The found of the NHS, Chancellor von Bismarck
  27. Talking heads
  28. Dr. Clover preparing his chloroform
  29. The gasman cometh
  30. Darwin's Beagle
  31. Charles Darwin
  32. 'Soapy Sam' Wilberforce
  33. Thomas Huxley
  34. Piccadilly earth baths
  35. Lady having enema
  36. Kay Kendall
  37. Kay Kendall
  38. The world's first penicillin factory
  39. Contemporary complictions of vaccination