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The Doctor in History
by Howard W. Haggard
Dorset Press, New York, 1989, 406pp, HC
[Europe, Mediterranean, BC-16C; also Western 17-19C]

Part I
  1. An Unknown Hero of Medicine
  2. Spirits, Demons, Ghosts, and Witches
  3. Theories and Facts
Part II
  1. Imhotep, the God
  2. Æsculpaius, the Myth
  3. Hippocrates, the Name
Part III
  1. The Path of Medicine
  2. The Bearers of Knowledge
  3. The Way Divides -- East and West
Part IV
  1. Disease and Conquest
  2. Science under the Caliphs
  3. Medicine Follows the Crusades
Part V
  1. Town and Gown
  2. The Black Death
  3. The Mental Contagions
Part VI
  1. Paracelsus, the Critic
  2. Vesalius, the Observer
  3. Paré, the Experimenter
Part VII
  1. The Science of Medicine
  2. The Superstitions of Medicine
  3. The Practice of Medicine
  1. European Medicine Comes to America
  2. A Century in America
  3. Doctors in Laces and Frills
Part IX
  1. Medicine at the Bedside
  2. In the Operating Room
  3. In Barracks and Prisons
Part X
  1. The Laboratory
  2. The Frontiers of Disease
  3. The Goal
  1. A bison painted on the wall of a cave painted by a pre-historic artist
  2. The Cro-Magnon medicine man dressed in his ceremonial costume
  3. Medicine man of the Blackfoot Indians dress in his professional costume
  4. A medicine man of an African tribe driving away evil spirits
  5. Humans changed to beasts by black magic
  6. Black magic with wax images
  7. A saint delivering a princess from a demon
  8. Rameses II and his chariot
  9. Facsimile of a portion of the Ebers papyrus
  10. Egyptian god modeling a man
  11. Prometheus carving out man's skeleton
  12. Æsculapius
  13. Hippocrates as shown in the surgical works of Ambroise Paré
  14. Site of the Roman Temple of Æsculapius
  15. A rhizotomist
  16. The legend of the mandrake
  17. A man from the country of one-footed people
  18. A man from the country of snake eaters
  19. A man from the country of headless people
  20. Gladiators training
  21. Galen as shown in the surgical works of Ambroise Paré
  22. An illustration from one of the translations of DIoscorides
  23. Map of the Roman Empire
  24. The planets that caused the plague
  25. Astrological influence
  26. The medieval way of wrapping a baby
  27. Pope Urban preaching the Crusades
  28. A Hospitaler
  29. Constantine of Africa
  30. Scene at the medical school of Salerno
  31. A domestic scene in the Middle Ages -- removing head lice
  32. A medieval professor of medicine
  33. Medieval picture of the skeleton
  34. Legal torture
  35. St. Anthony and the victims of the "fire"
  36. St. Roch treating plague sores
  37. The Black Death
  38. A bill of mortality during the epidemic of bubonic plague in England, 1665
  39. Gilles de Rais
  40. The Dancing Mania
  41. Music for the tarantella
  42. Killing tranatulas with music
  43. Illustration from a calendar printed in 1493
  44. Paracelsus
  45. The newvous system as shown in a medieval manuscript
  46. Andreas Vesalius
  47. Title-page of the Anatomy of Mundinus
  48. The skeleton according to Galen's description
  49. Ambroise Paré
  50. Scene in the Hôtel Dieu
  51. Setting a broken leg on the battle field
  52. Making theriac
  53. The legend of the bezoar stone
  54. A bezoar stone and the animal from which it really came
  55. A variety of unicorns
  56. Sanctorius
  57. The thermometer of Sanctorius
  58. Santorius on the steelyard
  59. William Harvey
  60. Title-page of De Motu Cordis
  61. An illustratin from De Motu Cordis
  62. A broadside printed in 1697 showing King Charles touching for the evil
  63. Sir Kenelm Digby who used the powder of sympathy
  64. Palmistry
  65. Horoscopes
  66. Horoscope in geometrical form
  67. Diagnosis of disease from the stars
  68. Sydenham
  69. Matthew Hopkins, the famous "witch-finder"
  70. An advertisement of an "inoculation farm"
  71. Title-page of Dr. Morgan's Vindication
  72. A testimonial for Perkins' tractors
  73. A mountebank dentist
  74. The "Undertaker's Arms"
  75. Stephen Hales' windmill ventilator on Newgate Prison
  76. Edward Jenner
  77. Title-page of Jenner's announcement of vaccination
  78. An anti-vaccination caricature published in 1800 intended to discourage the use of vaccination
  79. Signatures of Indian chiefs on the tribute to Jenner
  80. A caricature of a superstition of the nineteenth century -- phrenology
  81. René Laënnec
  82. Laënnec using the stethoscope
  83. An early cartoon of Toentgen's discovery of the X-ray published in Life
  84. William Beaumont
  85. A caricature of eighteenth-century surgery
  86. Colton's announcement in the Hartford Courant, December 10, 1844
  87. Casting the demons into the swine
  88. Driving out a demon
  89. Exorcising an insane man
  90. Burning a witch
  91. Insane girl in prison
  92. Hogarth's picture of Bedlam
  93. Dorothea Lynde Dix
  94. A caricature of Pasteur
  95. Caricature of Dr. Koch "cultering" bacteria