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Doctors and Medicine in Early Renaissance Florence
by Katharine Park
Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1985, 298pp, HC
[Florence, 14-15C]

  1. The Guild
    • Doctors in the Constitution of the Guild
    • The Guild and Professional Life
    • Doctors and Plague
    • Doctors and Guild Office
  2. The Doctors
    • Doctors and Other Healers
    • Size of the Profession
    • Classes of Practitioners
    • Immigration and the Plague
  3. The Medical Marketplace
    • The State as Client
    • Religious Institutions as Clients
    • Private Practice
  4. Medical Careers
    • Choosing a Career: Education and Training
    • Establishing a Reputation: Teaching and Writing
    • Building a Clientele: Contacts and Contracts
    • How Can You Keep Them Down on the Farm?
  5. Doctors in Florntine Society
    • Wealth and Income
    • Social Origins and Social Standing
    • Social Mobility
    • Doctors and the Gente Nuova
  6. Doctors in Forentine Culture
    • Doctors' Libraries
    • The Culture of Academic Medicine
    • The Culture of Medical Practice
    • Doctors and the Florentine Renaissance
Table 1-1. Unmatriculated Doctors and the Guild
Table 1-2. The Cini and Toscanelli Families
Table 1-3. Proportion of Consulships Held by Doctors
Table 1-4. Distribution of Consulships among Doctors
Table 2-1. Size of the Florentine Medical Profession
Table 2-2. Classes of Doctors in City Tax Rolls
Table 2-3. Immigrants in the Guild Matriculation Lists
Table 4-1. Wealth of Doctors and Other Occupational Groups (1427)
Table 5-1. Relative Size of Doctors' Assessments (1352)
Table 5-2. Relative Wealth of Doctors' Households (1427)