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The Development of Natural History in Tudor England
by F.D. Hoeniger
and J.F.M. Hoeniger
Folger Books, The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC, 1969, 81pp, PH.
[England, 16C]

  1. Eagle, primtively stylized. From Hortus sanitatis (1536).
  2. Eagle. From Konrad Gesner, Historiae animalium, Book III (1585)
  3. Water lily, primitively stylizer. From The Great Herbal (1529)
  4. White and yellow water lily. From William Turner, Herbal (1568)
  5. Mandrake root, male and female, as traditionally conceived. From The Great Herbal (1529)
  6. Mandrake root and comment on the faking of its mail and female shapes. From William Turner, Herbal (1568)
  7. Columbine. Drawing by Albrecht Dürer (1526) in the Albertina,] Vienna. Reproduced from Albrecht Dürer, Schriftlicher Nachlass (1963)
  8. Star-of-Bethlehem and other plants. Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci in the Royal Library, Windsor. Reduced in size. Reproduced from Leonardo da Vinci, Croquis et dessins de botanique (Vol. XIV of Feuillets inédits de Léonardo de Vinci ; Paris, 1901)
  9. Portrait of John Caius in the College Hall, Caius College, Cambridge. Reproduced from The Works of John Caius, M.D., ed. E. S Roberts (1912)
  10. Chameleon. From Edward Topsell, History of Serpents (1608)
  11. Mantichora. From Edward Topsel, History of Four-Footed Beasts (1607)
  12. Paradise bird, interpreted as "true phoenix." From Pierre Belon, Portraits d'oiseaus (1557)
  13. Phoenix (traditional). From Pierre Belon, Portraits d'oiseaus (1557)
  14. The earliest picture of a tobacco plant, Nicotiana rustica, called "yellow henbane". First appeared in Rembert Dodoens, Cruydeboeck (1554)
  15. The first picture of a tobacco plant, Nicotiana tabacum, in an English book. From Matthias de l'Obel and Pierre Pena, Stirpium adversaria nova ("New Memoranda on Plants") (1570-71)
  16. Cyperus graminea. Drawn by Thomas Penny. From Matthias de l'Obel and Pierre Pena, Stirpium adversaria nova (1570-71)
  17. Sandhill crane. Water color by John White in the Sloane Collection, British Museum. Reproduced from Hulton and Quinn, The American Drawings of John White, 1577-1590(1964)
  18. Sandhill crane. Water color in Edward Topsell, "The Fowls of Heaven" (ca. 1613)
  19. Armadillo. From Frampton's translation of Nicolás Monardes, Joyful News (1577)
  20. Portrait of John Gerard holding a potato. Frontispiece in Gerard, Herbal (1597)