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Hildegard of Bingen's Medicine
by Wighard Strehlow
and Gottfried Hertzka

Bear and Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1988, 161pp, PB
[Germany, 12C]

  1. HILDEGARD'S MEDICINE: The Healing Art of the Future
  2. EYES: Thw Windows to the Soul
  3. EARS: Liver Metabolism and Hearing
  4. TEETH: A Beautiful Smile
  5. COLDS and FLU and the English Geranium
  6. SKIN: Cuts, Bites and Burns
  7. HEART: Galangal and Jasper
  8. DIGESTION and the Wonder Foot, Spelt
  9. DIET: You Are What You Eat
  10. LIVER: Black Bile and Depression
  11. GALL BLADDER: Jaundice and Melancholy
  12. NERVES: Quenched Wine and Chalcedony
  13. DREAMS: Messengers of the Soul
  14. RHEUMATISM: Cures with Gold and Quince
  15. CANCER: Life Gone Wild
  16. FASTING: Creating Your Own Spirituality SAINT HILDEGARD and Her Medicine
  1. References
  2. Conversion Table
  3. Further Information on Hildegard and Her Products
  4. English/Latin Botanical Table
  5. Hildegard Language
  6. A Note on Whale Meat