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The March of Medicine: The Emergence and Triumph of Modern Science
by H. S. Glasscheib
G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1963, 360pp, HC
[Europe, 13-16C; also Europe, America, 17-20C]

  1. The Black Death
  2. The Grey, Creeping Death
  3. The White Death
  4. Pandora's Box
  5. The Teething Pangs of Midwifery
  6. From the Torture Chamber to the Operating Theatre
  7. Ether Anæsthesia
  8. The Four Juices
  9. The Magnetic Fluid
  10. Homeopathy
  11. The Medical Shows
  12. Operation Longevity
  13. Theatrum Anatomicum
  14. Tapping and Listening
  15. The X-rays of Professor Röntgen
  16. The Psycho-analysis of Professor Freud
  1. The Plague in Florence
  2. At night in Florence the dead were laid outside
  3. A bath for the gentry
  4. Robert Koch at work with his microscope
  5. The tubercle bacillus as Robert Koch saw it
  6. The Duc de Reichstadt, Napoleon's son
  7. The birth
  8. Unrealistic portrayal of the child in the womb
  9. The birth of Caesar
  10. Prehistorc Skulls from Peru
  11. Dominique Jean Larrey (1766-1842)
  12. Joseph Lister, taken in 1896
  13. The inhaler invented by Morton
  14. The first public demonstration of anaesthesia
  15. A lady of quality is bled
  16. "A backside publican", shouldering his instrument
  17. Frederick the Great being bled during a battle
  18. Franz Anton Mesmer
  19. Animal magnetism
  20. Samuel Hahnemann
  21. The quack
  22. The magnetiser
  23. Cagliostro giving a consultation
  24. Zeileis, the miracle healer from Gallspach
  25. The moated castle in which Zeileis practised
  26. Bernadette Soubirous from Lourdes
  27. Dissection in the 14th century
  28. Andreas Vesalius steals a skeleton from the gallows
  29. Pieter Paauw (1564-1617) giving an anatomy lesson at Leyden
  30. Vesalius dissecting at home by night
  31. The Anatomical Institute at Halle an der Saale showing skeleton and skulls
  32. The anatomist Frederico Ruysche dissecting a baby
  33. Leopold Auenbrugger, the discoverer of sounding
  34. Laennec listening to the chest of a tubercular patient
  35. Röntgen working in his laboratory
  36. One of the first X-ray pictures
  37. A composite photograph of skeleton taken with X-rays
  38. The hand of the anatomist Kolliker taken by X-rays
  39. Charcot lecturing
  40. Freud at the age of 66