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Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine: An Introduction to Knowledge and Practice
by Nancy G. Siraisi
University of Chicago Press, Chicago, London, 1990, 250pp, PB
[Western Europe, 12-15C]

  1. The Formation of Western European Medicine
  2. Practitioners and Conditions of Practice
  3. Medical Education
  4. Physiological and Anatomical Knowledge
  5. Disease and Treatment
  6. Surgeons and Surgery
  1. Female personification of medicine
  2. Canon of Avicenna in Hebrew
  3. Practitioner's handbook
  4. A housecall
  5. Consultation on the practitioner's premises
  6. Deathbed scene
  7. Sickbed scene
  8. Medical authorities
  9. A learned physician in his study
  10. University lecture
  11. Lecture on herbs
  12. Medical instruction at the bedside
  13. Localization of brain function
  14. Dissection scene
  15. Anatomical drawings ("five figure series")
  16. The skeleton
  17. Parts of the body
  18. Male anatomical figure (Leonardo da Vinci)
  19. Female anatomical figure (Leonardo da Vinci)
  20. The brain (Leonardo da Vinci)
  21. The stars and the human body
  22. Preparation and sale of theriac
  23. Regimen chart (Tacuinam sanitatis)
  24. Uroscopy chart in the form of a wheel
  25. Treatment of the ear
  26. Treatment by cupping
  27. A guide to bloodletting
  28. Bloodletting
  29. Collecting medicinal herbs
  30. A medication and its uses
  31. Naturalistic plant illustration
  32. An emetic
  33. Purchase of a cough remedy
  34. An animal remedy
  35. Mineral substances use in medicine
  36. A magical plant remedy and procedure
  37. Surgical instruments
  38. Surgical instruments
  39. Suturing
  40. Treatment of an abdominal wound
  41. Surgical instruments as page decoratin
  42. Treatment of a compound fracture
  43. Venemous animal bites and stings
  44. Treatment of anal fistula (John of Arderne)