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Magic and Healing: The History and Folklore of Magical Healing Practices from Herb-Lore and Incantations to Rings and Precious Stones
by C. J. S. Thompson
Bell Publishing, New York, 1989, 176pp, HC.
[Europe, BC-17C]

  1. Magic and Healing -- Early Beliefs in the Origin of Disease
  2. Healing by Incantation
  3. Healing and Astrology
  4. Transplantation of DIsease
  5. Healing by Sympathy
  6. Healing by Touch
  7. Healing in Ancient Britain
  8. Anglo-Saxon Herb-Lore and Wort-Cunning
  9. The Healing Art in Ancient Wales
  10. The Healing Art in Ancient Eire
  11. Folk-medicine in Britain
  12. The Doctrine of Signatures and its Influence on Healing
  13. Traditionary Herbs of Healing
  14. Plants of the Devil
  15. Herbs and Plants dedicated to Saints
  16. Plants and Drugs Used by Sorcerors
  17. Remedies of Animal Origin Employed by the Anglo-Saxons
  18. Precious and Rare Stones Employed in Healing
  19. Man's Body and its Use in Healing
  20. Magical Girdles Used in Healing
  21. Magical and Medicinal Rings of Healing
  22. Magical Stones of Healing
  23. Horns of Healing
  24. Miraculous Beds of Healing
  25. Colours and Numbers and Their Influence on Healing
  26. Toothache and its Cure in Antiquity
  27. The Psychological Effect of Magic in Healing