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The Quacks of Old London
by C. J. S. Thompson
Barnes and Noble Books, New York, 1993, 356pp, HC.
[England 16-18C]

  1. The Origin of the Quack-Doctor -- Quack-Doctors in Tudor Times
  2. Famous Quacks in the Time of the Stuarts
  3. Quack Astrologers and Fortune-Tellers
  4. Some Mountebanks and Their Zanies
  5. Notorious London Quacks and Their Remedies
  6. Foreign Quacks and New Diseases
  7. A Quack's Costume, Dr. Salmon and Some Others
  8. A Quack-Doctor and Ballad-Singer -- A High German Doctor and His Merry Andrew
  9. Place for the Gentlewomen
  10. More Foreign Quacks
  11. The "Scurvy-Quacks"
  12. The "Unborn Doctors" -- A Quack Alchemist
  13. The Beauty Specialists
  14. The Plague Quacks and Others
  15. Jesuit's Bark -- A Company of Quacks
  16. An Elixir for Renewing Youth -- Old Quack Medicines
  17. Bagnios and Cuppers -- Virtues of Coffee and Tea
  18. Quacks Who Received Royal Patronage
  19. The Wits and the Quacks -- How the British Government Was Duped
  20. Three Great Quacks
  21. Quacks of Covent Garden and Piccadilly
  22. A Quack's Embalmed Wife
  23. Brodum, Solomon and Graham
  24. An Artist-Quack -- A Dancing-Master Quack
  1. A fragment of a hand bill (1525)
  2. The Attack on Dr. Lambe (from a woodcut, 1628)
  3. A Bill of Dr. Case (ca. 1672)
  4. Consulting the Astrologer (from a woodcut, 1670)
  5. An Astrologer's Bill
  6. Dr. James Tilburg (from a woodcut on his bill)
  7. Operating for Cataract (from a woodcut on a XVII Century bill)
  8. The Eminent Doctor of Physic out of Poland (from a woodcut on his bill)
  9. Venus with her Crown
  10. An Operation on the Eye (from a woodcut on a XVII Century)
  11. (Edward) Comport's Bill
  12. The Inventor of 'Pilula Salutiferens' (from a woodcut on the bill)
  13. 'The Turk's Head' (from the card of Wilcox the Cupper)