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A Short History of Medicine
by Erwin H. Ackerknecht
The John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1982, 277pp, PB
[Europe, Asia, BC-16C; also World 17-20C]

  1. Paleopathology and Paleomedicine
  2. Primitive Medicine
  3. Medicine of Ancient Civilazations
  4. Ancient India and China
  5. Greek Medicine: Physicians, Priests, Philosophers
  6. Greek Medicine: Hippocratic Medicine
  7. Greek Medicine: Alexandria and Rome
  8. Medieval Medicine
  9. Renaissance Medicine
  10. Medicine in the Seventeenth Century
  11. Medicine in the Eighteenth Century
  12. The Clinical Schools of the First Half of the Nineteenth Century
  13. The Basic Sciencs During the Nineteenth Century
  14. Clinical Medicine of the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century
  15. Microbiology
  16. Surgery and Gynecology in the Nineteenth Century
  17. The New Specialism of the Nineteenth Century
  18. Public Health and Professional Developments in the Nineteenth Century
  19. Medicine in the United States Prior to 1900
  20. Epilogue: Trends in Twentieth-Century Medicine
  1. Trephined neolithic skull
  2. Imhotep, the Egyptian god of medicine
  3. Greek physician palpating
  4. Medieval doctor examing urine
  5. Medieval anatomy lessons
  6. Girolamo Fracastoro
  7. Andreas Vesalius
  8. Paracelsus
  9. Leeuwenhoek's microscope and one of his designs
  10. Illustration from harvey's De Motu Cordis
  11. Lavoisier experimenting of respiration
  12. Caricature of Broussais
  13. Caricature of cowpox vaccination
  14. René Théophile Hyacinthe Laennec
  15. Virchow and Keolliker in Wuerzberg, 1850
  16. Claude Bernard surround by his pupils
  17. Louis Pasteur
  18. Robert Koch
  19. Lord Lister
  20. Jean Martin Charcot
  21. Paul Ehrlich and Hata
  22. Benjimin Rush
  23. Sigmund Freud at Clark University, 1909