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A Sketch of Medicine and Pharmacy
by Samuel Evans Massengill
S.E. Massengill Company, Bristol, Tennessee, 1943, 445pp, HC
[Europe, BC-16C; also Europe, America, 17-20C]

  1. Medicine in the Stone Age
  2. Medicine in Ancient Egypt
  3. Medicine in Ancient Greece
  4. Medicine in Rome
  5. Arabian Medicine in the Middle Ages
  6. European Medicine in the Middle Ages
  7. Medicine in Europe in the Fifteenth Century (The Renaissance)
  8. Medicine in Europe in the Sixteenth Century
  9. Medicine in Europe in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
  10. Medicine in Europe in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (Modern Medicine)
  11. Medicine in the Bible
  12. Surgeons and Surgery
  13. Women and Medicine
  14. Midwifery
  15. Dentistry
  16. Advice to Physicians
  17. Poisons
  18. Poisoners
  19. Love-Philters
  20. Snakes in Medicine
  21. Folk Medicine
  22. Is There Anything New Under the Sun?
  23. Pharmacy
  24. Pharmacy in America
  1. William Murray
  2. Dr. Robert Massengill Porter
  3. Dr. John David Massengill
  4. One of Dr. John David Massengill's Saddle Horses
  5. Dr. Crawford W. Long
  6. Dr. John Gorrie
  7. "America's Oldest Pharmacy" (Original Apparati)
  8. General Hugh Mercer's Apothecary Shop
  9. Restoration of the General Court Prison for Debtors
  10. Stabler-Leadbetter Apothecary Shop
  11. Exterior of Apothecaries' Hall
  12. Apothecary Shop of Dr. Corbin Griffin
  13. Stalnaker Drug Store (Show Bottles and Scales)
  14. Hay's Drug Store in 1841
  15. Henry H. Hay
  16. Carl's Drug Store in 1880
  17. Massengill Family Memorial
  18. Site of the Massengill Family Memorial
  19. Norman Hood Massengill
  20. Dr. Samuel Evans Massengill
  21. First Laboratory of The Massengill Company
  22. Front View of Present Massengill Company Laboratory
  23. Rear View of Present Massengill Company Laboratory
  24. The S.E. Massengill Company, Kansas City, Mo.
  25. The S.E. Massengill Company, New York, N.Y.
  26. The S.E. Massengill Company, San Francisco, Calif.