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The School of Salernum: Regimen Sanitatis Salerni (The English Version)
by Sir John Harrington
Ente Provinciale per Il Turismo, Salerno, Italy, 1966, 92pp, PB.
[Italy, England, 11-16C]

  1. John Haryngton
  2. First Page of a MS of Harrington's Translation, in a Scribe's Hand but with Harrington's Own Correction
  3. St. Catherine, the Patron-Saint of the Medical School in Salerno
  4. The last building that was occupied by the Medical School in Salerno
  5. Anglorum Regi scripsit Schola tota Salerni
  6. Villa Nova commenting on the Schola Salerni
  7. Sup light if quiet you to sleepe intend
  8. A Physician's call
  9. A physician and an chemist
  10. A scene in a hospital
  11. A consultation of physicians
  12. Preparation of theriaca
  13. Love Wine, and Women, and all recreation
  14. Sharpe Choller is an humour most pernitious
  15. So dead their spirits, so dull their sences are
  16. Inclining pensive still to be, and musing
  17. And after-noone still waking keepe your eyes
  18. The Public Bath
  19. The Public Bath
  20. To bleed doth cheere the pensive, and remove the raging furies bred by burning love
  21. A Diploma in Medicine