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(anon)The Dictes or Sayengis of the Philosophres920
ABERDEENGenerall Demands Concerning the Late Covenant635
ABERDEENThe Answeres of Some Brethern of the Ministeri to the Replies concerning the late Covenant636
AESOPSubtyll Historyes and Fables of Esope, The Book of the439
AESOPThe Morall Fabillis of Esope in Scottis Meter be Master Henrisone282
ARSArs Moriendi, that is to Saye the Craft for to Deye for the Helthe of Mannes Sowle639
ARTHere Begynneth a Lityll Treatise Spekynge of the Arte & Crafte to Knowe Well to Dye221
Abbot, GeorgeA Briefe Description of the Whole World213
Acheley, ThomasA Most Lamentable and Tragicall Historie, Conteyning the Tyrannie which Violenta Executed upon Her Lover Didaco836
Achesone, JamesThe Military Garden; or Instructions for All Young Soldiers637
Achilles StatiusThe Most Delectable and Pleasaunt History of Clitiphon and Leucippe, tr by William Burton837
Adrichomius, ChristianusA Briefe Description of Hierusalem, Also a Map, tr by T Tymme125
Adson, JohnCourtly Masquing Ayres, Composed to 5 and 6 Parts, for Violins, Consorts, and Cornets838
Aelfric, AbbotA Testimonie of Antiquitie214
Aelianus, TacticusThe Art of Embattailing an Army, or the Second Part of Aelian's Tacticks70
Aelianus, TacticusThe Tacticks of Aelian, or Art of Embattailing and Army. Englished and Illustrated by J. Bingham14
Agard, AThe Repertorie of Records at Westminster291
Ahmad I, SultanLetters from the Great Turke292
Ainsworth, HenryA True Confession of the Faith158
Ainsworth, HenryAn Apologie or Defence of Such Tru Christians as are Commonly Called Brownists217
Albertus MagnusThe Boke of Secretes116
AlcesteThe Tragedie of Alceste and Elisa902
Alcock, JohnAn Exhortacyon Made to Relygyous Systers638
Alcock, JohnMons Perfectionis706
Alessio, Piemontese, pseud.The Fourth and Final Booke of Secretes841
Alessio, Piemontese, pseud.The Seconde Part of the Secretes839
Alessio, Piemontese, pseud.The Thyrde and Last Parte of the Secretes of Maister Alexis of Piemont840
AlessioThe Secretes of the Reverende Maister Alexis of Piemount Containing Remedies Against Diseases707
Alexander, William, Earl of StirlingAn Encouragement to Colonies63
Alexander, William, Earl of StirlingThe Tragedie of Darius293
Alison, RichardA Plaine Confutation of a Tretise of Brownisme Entituled: Description of a Visble Churche9
Allott, RobertEnglands Parnassus: or the Choysest Flowers of Our Moderne Poets216
Allott, RobertWits Theater of the Little World359
Almansa Y Mendoza, Andres deTwo Royall Entertainments, Lately Given to Charles, Prince of Great Britaine, by Philp the Fourth of Spaine842
Ames, WilliamAn Answere to a Letter 566
Ames, WilliamConscience with the Power and Cases Thereof708
AntwerpeAn Historicall Discourse of Antwerpe903
Ariosto, LodovicoOrlando Furioso in English Heroical Verse259
Ariosto, LudovicoAriostos Seven Planets Governing Italie?770
AristotleThus Endeth the Secrete of Secretes of Arystotle220
Arnauld, AntoineThe Arrainement of the Whole Societie of Jesuites in Fraunce904
ArsanesOrations, of Arsanes Agaynst Philip?233
ArticlesArticles of Militarie Discipline77
Ascham, RogerThe Scholemaster, or Plaine and Perfite Way of Teachyng Children the Latin Tong15
Ascham, RogerToxophilus, The schole of shootinge contayned in two Bookes79
Aske, JamesElizabetha Triumphans: Conteyning the Damned Practizes used Ever Sithence Her Highness First Coming to the Crowne78
Askham, AnthonyA Litle Herball of the Properties of the Herbes843
Aspley, JohnSpeculum Nauticum: A Looking Glasse, for Sea-Men844
Astley, JohnThe Art of Riding, set foorth in a breefe treatise10
Augustine, SaintTwo Bokes of the Noble Doctor and BS Augustine C6032
Aylmer, John, BpAn Harborowe for Faithfull and Trewe Subjects?423
B., S.An Excellent and Meterial Discourse Proving What Great Danger Will Hang Over Our Heads497
BEAUMONT & FLETCHERThe Knight of the Burning Pestle152
BECON, THOMASThe Principles of Christian Religion774
Babington, JohnA Short Tretise of Geometrie296
Babington, JohnPyrotechnia; or, a Discourse on Artificiall Fireworks295
Bacan, Alvaro De Relation of the Conquest of Tercera in an. 1583772
Bacon, FrancisApophthegmes New and Old424
Bacon, FrancisCertaine Miscellany Works222
Bacon, FrancisEssayes. Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and Disswasion17
Bacon, FrancisThe Charge of Sir F. Bacon Touching Duells7
Bacon, FrancisThe Elements of the Common Lawes of England164
Bacon, FrancisThe Historie of Life and Death20
Bacon, FrancisThe Twoo Bookes of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning218
Bacon, FrancisThe Wisdom of the Ancients1
Bailey, WalterA Short Discourse of the Three Kindes of Peppers in Common Use, etc.425
Bailey, WalterTwo Treatises Concerning the Preservation of Eie-sight.709
Bainbridge, JohnAn Astronomicall Descriptin of the Late Comet from the 18 of November 1618 to the 16 of December following710
Baker, GeorgeThe Composition or Making of the Oil Called Oleum Magistrale123
Balbani, NiccoloNewes from Italy of a Second Moses or?905
Bale, JohnThe First Two Partes of the Actes?906
Bale, JohnThe Image of Bothe Churches498
Bales, PeterThe Arte of Brachygraphie?426
Bales, PeterThe Writing Schoolmaster, Inuented 1 Jan 1590194
Bancroft, Richert, Archbp.A Suruay of the Pretended Holy Discipline428
Bancroft, Richert, Archbp.Daungerous Positions?427
Banister, JohnA Needefull, New, and Necessarie Treatise of Chyrurgerie300
Banister, JohnA Treatise of One Hundred and Thirteene Diseases of the Eyes297
Banister, JohnThe Historie of Man, Sucked from the Sappe of the Most Approued Anathomistes122
Barker, AndrewA True and Certain Report of the Beginning, Proceedings and Now Present Estate of Captain Warde and Danseker, the Two Late Famous Priates21
Barlow, William, ABMagneticall Aduertisements47
Barlow, William, Archd. Of SalisburyA Briefe Discovery of the Idle Animadversions of M. Ridley?429
Barlow, William, Archd. Of SalisburyA Dyaloge Descrybing the Orygynal Gound of these Lutheran Faccyons641
Barlow, William, Archd. Of SalisburyThe Nauigators Supply430
Barlow, WilliamThe Summe and Svbstance of the Conference?711
Barnes, Dr. RobertA Supplicatyon unto Kinge Nehrye the Eight567
Barnfield, RichardThe Encomion of Lady Pecunia642
Barret, RobertThe Theorike and Practike of Moderne Warres155
Barthlet, John The Pedegrewe of Heretiques76
Barwick, HumphreyA Breefe Discourse, Concerning the Force of All Manuall Weapons of Fire643
Bastwick, JohnThe Lethany of J. Bastwock?773
Bate, John, MechanicianThe Mysteryes of Nature and Art; Conteined in Foure Severall Tretises845
Beaumont, F. And J. FletcherThe Maides Tragedy431
Beaumont, Francis and Fletcher, John. Phylaster of Loue Lyes a Bleeding 162018
Beaumont, Francis and Fletcher, John. The Scornful Ladie. A Comedie432
Beaumont, Francis and John FletcherA King and No King290
Beaumont, Francis and John FletcherWit Without Money. A comdie264
Beaumont, Sir JohnThe Metamorphosis of Tabacco360
Bec-Crespin, Julian du The Historie of the Great Emporour Tamerlan38
Becon, ThomasThe Demaundes of Holy Scripture, with Answeres907
Becon, ThomasThe Physyke of the Soule713
Bede, the VenerableThe History of the Church of England234
Bedwell, WilliamMesolabium Architectonicum, That is a Most Rare Instrument for Measuring224
Bell, ThomasThe Anatomie of Popish Tyrannie714
Bennett, EdwardA Treatise Touching the Inconveniences that the Importation of Tobaccoo?846
Bernard, RichardThe Isle of Man 775
Bernard, SaintMedytacions of Saynt Bernarde847
Bernarde, JohnThe Tranquillitie of the Minde568
Bert, EdmundAn Approved Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking, Divided into Three Books23
Best, WilliamThe Churches Plea for Her Right776
Betson, ThomasHere Begynneth a Treatyse to Dyspose Men to be Veruously Occupyed in Theyr Myndes and Prayers848
Beze, Theodore deA Discourse Contayning the Life and Death of John Calvin433
Biddulph, WilliamThe Travels of Certaine Englishmen into Africa, Asia and to the Blacke Sea, Finished 160822
Bigges, WalterA Summarie and True Discourse of Sir Frances Drakes West Indian Voyage128
Billingsley, MartinThe Pens Excellencie or the Secretaries delights849
Bingham, JohnThe Historie of Xenophon 704
Blagrave, JohnAstrolabium Uranicum Generale435
Blagrave, JohnBaculum Familiare, a Booke of the Making and Vse of a Staffe225
Blagrave, JohnThe Mathemitacall Iewell294
Blagrave, ThomasThe Art of Dyalling in Two Parts69
Blandy, WilliamThe Castle or Picture of Policy436
Blaxton, JohnThe English Usurer; or Usury Condemned578
Blenerhasset, ThomasA Direction for the Plantaion in Ulster437
Blount, Sir HenryA Voyage into the Levant850
Blundevile, ThomasA Newe Booke, Containing the Arte of Ryding118
Blundevile, ThomasThe Arte of Logike102
Blundeville, ThomasM. Blundeville his Exercises, Containing Sixe Treatises361
Blundeville, ThomasThe True Order and Methode of Wryting and Reading Hystories908
Boccaccio, Giovanni A Pleasaunt Disport of Divers Noble Personages entitled Philocopo (Filocopo)277
Boccaccio, Giovanni The Fall of Princys Princessys and Other Nobles777
Boemus, JohnnesThe Fardle of Facions Conteining the Auncient Maners of Affrike and Asia227
Boethius, Anicius, MTSBoecius de Consolacione Philosophie644
Boethius, Hector, And Boece, HectorChronicle of Scotland851
Bolton, Edmund THE CITIES ADVOCATE 715
Bolton, RobertA Discourse About True Happinesse909
Bonham, Thomas The Chyrurgeons Closet or An Antidotarie Chyrurgicall31
Book (of Carving)Here Begynneth the Boke of Keruynge298
Borde, AndrewThe Breuiary of Helthe?362
Borde, AndrewThe Pryncyples of Astronamye?570
Borough, WilliamThe Variation of the Cumpass571
Borri, CristoforoCochin-China. Containing Many Admirable Rarities of that Countrey223
Bossewell, JohnWorkes of Armorie145
Boteo, GiovanniThe Travellers Breviat, or an Historical Discription of the Most Famous Kingdomes143
Botero, GiovanniA Treatise, Concerning? Greatness of Cities910
Bourne, WilliamThe Arte of Shooting in Great Ordnaunce117
Bourne, WilliamThe Treasure for Traveilers911
Bradford, JohnA Sermon of Repentance716
Bradshaw, WilliamA Proposition Concerning Kneeling? Receiving Howsoever912
Bradshaw, WilliamEnglysh Puritanism Containeuing the Maine Opinions of the Rigidest Sort of Those that are Called Puritanes572
Bradwell, Stephen. Physick for the Sicknesse Called the Plague852
Brahe, TychoLearned Tico brahe His Astronomicall Conjectur of the New andMuch Admired (star) Which Appeared in the Year 157286
Braithwaite, WilliamHis Maiesties Gracious Grant and Privilege?573
Brant, SebastianThe Present Boke Named the Shyp of Folys of the Worlde?229
Brathwait, RichardThe English Gentlewoman Drawne out to the full body?215
Brathwait, RicherdThe English Gentleman?717
Brereton, HenryNews of the Present Miseries of Rushia: Occasioned by the Late Warre11
Brereton, JohnA Briefe and True Relation of the Discoverie of the North Part of Virginia499
Breton, NicholasPasquils Mad-Cap and Mad-Cappes Message200
Breton, NicholasThe Good and the Badde?853
Bright, TimothyA Treatise Wherein is Declared the Sufficiencie of English Medicines, for Cure of All Diseases, Cured with Medicine854
Bright, TimothyA Tretise of Melancholie, Containing The Causes Thereof212
Brinkelow, HenryThe Complaint of Roderyck Mors for the Redresse of Certeyn Wycked Lawes500
Brinsley, John, the ElderA Consolation for our Grammar Schooles203
Broke, ArthurThe Tragicall Historye of Romeus and Iuliet, Written First in Italian by Bendell134
Broughton, HughAn Epistle to the Learned Nobilitie of England855
Brydges, Grey, 5th Lord ChandosHorae Subsecovae. Observations and Discourses232
Bryskett, LodowickA Discourse of Civill Life;?358
Bucer, MartinA Treatise how by the Word of God, Christian Mens Almoe Ought to be Distributed779
Buchanan, GeorgeDe iure Regni Apud Scotos80
Bullinger, HeinrichAn Holsom Antidotus or Counter-Poyson Agaynst the Pestylent Heresye and Sects of the Anabaptistes574
Bullinger, HeinrichThe Christen State of Matrimonye646
Bullokar, William The Amendment of Orthographie for English Speech24
Bunny, EdmundOf Divorce for Adulterie and Marrying Againe, that there is No Sufficient Warrant so to do781
Burrell, PercivalSutton's Synagogue647
Burton, HenryA Tryall of Private Devotions856
Burton, HenryAN Apologuy for an Appeale. Also an Epistle to the True Hearted Nobility.782
Burton, HenryFor God and the King. The Summe of Two Sermons783
Burton, RobertThe Anatomy of Melancholy?301
Butler, CharlesThe Feminine Monarchie; or a Tretise Concerning Bees81
Butler, CharlesThe Principles of Musik, in Singing and Setting284
C., H.A Discourse Concerning the Drayning of Fennes and Surrounded Grounds784
CHRISTIAN MANThe Institution of a Christen Man789
CHRISTIAN PRINCESCertayne Newes of the Whole Discription, Ayde and Helpe of the Christian Princes for Poore Christians in the Low Countries442
Caesar, Caius Iulius Martiall Exploytes in Gallia36
Caesar, Julius The Ancient State of the Court of Requests785
Caius, JoannesOf Englishe Dogges, The Diversities and the Properties110
Calderwood, DavidA Solution of Dr. Resolutus913
Calthorpe, CharlesThe Relation Between the Lord of a Mannor and the Coppy-Holder his Tenant, etc.440
Calvert, Cecil, Baron BaltimoreA Relation of the Successful Beginnings of the Lord Baltimore's Plantation in Maryland857
Calvin, JeanAphorismes of Christian Religion?575
Calvin, JeanCertain Homilies of M. Joan Calvine?576
Calvin, JeanThe Cathechisme or Manner to Teache Children the Christian Religion etc.46
Cambini, AndreaTwo Very Notable Commentaries of the Originall of the Turcks, etc235
Campion, ThomasObservations in the Art of English Poesie441
Campion, ThomasThe Description of a Maske, in Honour of the Lord Hayes153
Caorsin, GulielmusSeige of Rhodes236
Caradoc of LlancarfanThe Historie of Cambria (now called Wales)163
Cardano, GirolamoCardanus Comforte82
Carew, RichardThe Survey of Cornwall100
Carleton, George, bishopJurisdiction Regall, Episcopall, Papall34
Carleton, George, bishopThe Madness of Astrologers; or An Examination of Sir C. Heydons53
Carpenter, I. A Most Excellent Instruction for the Keeping Merchants Bookes of Accounts786
Carpenter, Nathanael Geography Delineated Forth in Two Bookes Containing the Sphaericall and the Topicall Partes Thereof787
Carpenter, NathanielAchitophel?Picture of a Wicked Politician914
Cartari, VincenzoThe Fountaine of Ancient Fiction577
Cartier, Jacques A Short and Briefe Narration of the Two Navigations to Newe Fraunce718
Cartwright, JohnThe Preachers Travels?858
Cartwright, ThomasA Briefe Apologie against M. Sutcliffe237
Cartwright, ThomasA Christian Letter of Certaine English Protestants202
Cartwright, ThomasA Confutation of the Remists Translation, Glosses, and Annotations on the new Testament364
Casa, Giovanni DellaGalateo. A Tretise of Manners. 120
Casas, Bartolome de las, bishopThe Spanish Colonie859
Catharine Parr, QueenPrayers or Medytacions?788
Cawdrey, RobertA Table Alphabeticall of English Wordes226
Cawdrey, RobertA Treasurie or Store-House of Similes365
Caxton, JohnThe Book of the Ordre of Chyvalry or Knyghthode778
Cecil, EdwardA Journall and Relation of the Action Which E. Lord Cecil did Vndertake Vpon the Coast of Spaine.27
Cecil, WilliamA Declaration of the Favourable Dealing of Her Maiesties Commissioners?113
Chamber, John A Treatise Against Judiciall Astrologie, 2 pts.860
Charles IX, kingThe Kinges Edict of Decree upon the Pacification of the Troubles170
Charron, PierreOf Wisdome, Three Bookes.315
Chettle, HenryEnglandes Mourning Garment?579
Christopherson, JohnAn Exhortation to all Menne to Take Hede and Beware of Rebellion580
Churchyard, ThomasA Lamentable and Pitifull Description of the Wofull Warres in Flaunders790
Cicero, Marcus Tullius Of Old Age, of Friendship. W. Caxton, 1481 861
Clapham, JohnThe Historie of Great Brtiannie719
Clay, ThomasBriefe, Easie and Necessary Tables, for the Valuation of Leases791
Clayton, GilesThe Approoued Order of Martial Discipline, With Every Particular Offycer His Office and Dutie581
Clerk, WilliamAn Epitome of Certain Late Aspersions Cast at Civilians915
Clinton, Elizabeth, countessThe Countesse of Lincolnes Nurserie720
Clowes, WilliamA Profitable and Necessarie Booke of Observations366
Clowes, WilliamA Right Fruitful Treatise for the Artificall Cure of Struma238
Clowes, WilliamA Short and Profitable Treatise Touching the Cure of the Morbus Gallicus by Unctions443
Coke, Sir EdwardA Little treatise of Baile and Maineprize582
Coke, Sir EdwardLord Coke His Speech and Charge444
CologneThe Most Excellent Treatise of the Thre Kynges of Coleyne648
Colonna, FrancescoHypnerotomachia. The Strife of Love in a Dreme87
Constantine I, emperorA Treatyse of the Donation?unto Sylvester Pope of Roman by Constantyne emperour of Rome916
Contarini, Gasparo, CardinalThe Commonwealth and Gouernment of Venice, etc.101
Coryate, ThomasA Courante of Newes from East India729
Coryate, ThomasA Second Courante of Newes from the East India in Two Letters730
Coryate, ThomasGreeting From The Court Of The Great Mogul30
Cotgrave, RandleA Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues367
Cotta, John The Triall of Witch-craft Shewing the True Moethode of the Discovery39
Cotton, Sir Robert BruceThe Danger Wherein the Kingdome New Standeth, & the Remedie721
Coverdale, Myles, bishopA Confutacion of that Treatise, Which One John Standish Made Agaynst the Protestacio of D. Barnes917
Coverte, RobertA True and Almost Incredible Report of an Englishman that Travelled by Land Throw Many Kingdomes302
Cowell, JohnThe Intepreter, or Booke Containing the Signification of Words231
Cox, LeonardThe Arte and Crafte of Rhethoryke862
Coxe, FrancisA Short Treatise Declaringe the Detestable Wickednesse of Magicall Sciences501
Crompton, Richard STAR CHAMBER CASES 723
Crompton, Richard The Mansion of Magnanimitie?722
Crowley, RobertAn Informacion and Teticion Agaynst the Oppressours of the Pore Commons of the Realme.918
Crowley, RobertThe Way to Wealth, Wherein is Plainly Taught a? Remedy for Sedicion724
Crowne, WilliamA True Relation of all the Remarkable Places Observed in the Travels of Thomas Lord Howard357
Cruso, John Militarie Instructions for the Cavallrie55
Culpeper, Sir ThomasA Tract Against Usurie649
Cunningham, William The Cosmographical Glasse44
Curio, Coelius Augustinus (Augustine)A Notable Historie of the Saracens863
CustomsThe Rates of Marchandized, as they are Set Down in the Booke of Rates165
DECLARATIONA Briefe Declaration for what Manner of Speciall Nusance a Man May Have His Remedy by Assise446
DEFENCEThe Defence of Contraries175
DORTThe Judgement of the Synode at Dort touch Conrades Vorstius678
DRUNKARDSHere Begynneth a Lytell New Treatyse Intytuled the IX., Drunkards504
Daborn, RobertA Christian Turn'd Turke?583
Dallington, Sir RobertAphorismes Civill and Militarie;?864
Dalton, MichaelThe Countrey Justice725
Daunce, EdwardA Briefe Discourse of the Spanish State, with a Dialogue Intituled Philobasilis73
Davenport, JohnA Just Complaint Against an Unjust Doer, Mr. J Paget793
Davenport, JohnAn Apologeticall Reply to a Booke Called an Answer to the Unjust Complaint of W.B.792
Davies, EdwardThe Art of War and Englands Traynings37
Davies, John Wittes Pilgrimage919
Davies, JohnThe Writing Schoolemaster or the Anatomie of Faire Writing794
Dawson, ThomasThe Good Huswifes Jewell;?865
Day, RichardA Booke of Christian Prayers866
De Beau Chesne, John and Baildon, JohnA Booke Containing Divers Sortes of Handes, As Well the English and French Secretarie867
De Escalante, BernardinoA Discourse of the Navigation Which the Portugales doe Make to the Realmes?593
De Vigo, Joannes The Most Excellent Workes of Chirurgerye67
Deacon, J.Tobacco Tortured, or the Filthie Fume of Tabacco Refined42
Deacon, John and Walker, JohnDialogical Discourses of Spirits and Divels795
Deane, EdmundSpadecrene Anglica; or, the English Spaw-Fountaine of Knaresborow651
Dee, JohnA Letter, Containing a Most Briefe Discourse Apologeticall502
Dee, JohnGeneral and Rare Memorials Pertayning to Perfecte Arte of Navigation62
Deguileville, Guillaume deThe Pylgremage of the Sowle726
Dekker, ThomasLantherne and Candle-Light, or the Belmans Second Nights Walke585
Dekker, ThomasThe Belman of London?584
DemosthenesThe Three Orations in Fauor of the Olynthians54
Dent, ArthurThe Plaine Mans Path-Way to Heaven652
Dering, EdwardM. Derings Workes448
Devereux, Robert; Wingfield, AnthonyA True Coppie of a Discourse Written by a Gentleman?449
Digges, Dir DudleyThe Defence of Trade, in a Letter to Sir. T Smith26
Digges, Leonard (and Thomas)An Arighmeticall Militare Treatise Named Stratioticos71
Digges, LeonardA Prognostication Everlstinge of Righte Good Effect?727
Doddridge, Sir JohnA Compleat Person586
Doddridge, Sir JohnThe English Lawyer; Describing a method for the Managing of the Lawes of this Land503
Doddridge, Sir JohnThe History of the Ancient and moderne Estate of the Principality of Wales?587
Doddridge, Sir JohnThe Lawyers Light?588
Donne, JohnIgnatius his Conclave, or his Inthronisation in a Late Election in Hell868
Donne, JohnJuvenilia239
Donne, JohnPoems. With Elegies on the Author's Death240
Douglas, Gawin, bishopThe Palis of Honoure (poem)89
Dowland, Robert Varietie of Lute-Lessons921
Downame, JohnThe Christian Warfare653
Drake, Sir FrancisThe World Encompassed by Sir F. Drake?103
Draxe, ThomasBibliotheca Scholastica Instructissima; or a Treasure of Ancient Adagies796
Drayton, MichaelTo the Majestie of King James, a Gratulatorie Poem169
Drummond, William Flowres of Sion to which is Adjoyned His Cypresse Grove590
Drummond, William Forth Feasting; A Panegyricke to the Kings Most Excellent Majestie 138
Drummond, William Poems83
Du Bosc, JacquesThe Compleat Woman12
Du Castel, ChristineHere Begynneth the Boke of the Feyt of Armes and of Chyvalrye13
Du Castel, ChristineHere Begynneth the Booke Whiche is Called The Body of Polycye304
Du Castel, ChristineThe Morale of Proverbes of Cristyne241
Du Chesne, JosephThe Practise of Chymicall, and Hermeticall Physicke, for the Preservation of Health728
Du Moulin, Pierre, the ElderThe Anatomy of Arminianisme797
Du Terme, LaurenceThe Flower de Luce Planted in England?505
Dudley, RobertA Briefe Report of the Militarie Seruices Done in the Low Countries201
Dunton, John A True Journall of the Sally Fleet242
Durtius Refus, QuintusThe Historie of Quintus Curcius, Conteyning th eActes of the Greate Alexander303
E. S. Britaines Busse: or Herring-Fishing Ship, with the States Proclamation Annexed unto the same, as Concerning Herring-Fishing690
E., T.The Lawes Resolutions of Womens Rights922
EAST INDIA COA Letter Written to the Governours of the East Indian Merchants506
EAST INDIA COA True Relation of the Unjust Proceedings Against the English at Amboyna306
EAST INDIA COThe Petition and Remonstrance of the Governor and Company, etc.305
ENGLAND, ChroniclesBegin 2a 'In the Yere of Thyncarnacion?'508
ENGLAND, Church ofA Booke of Certaine Canons, Concernynge Some Parte of the Discipline of the Churche of England312
ENGLAND, Church ofA Parte of a Register?509
ENGLAND, Church ofArticles to be Inquired of?732
ENGLAND, ParliamentThe Priviledges and Practice of Parliaments in England654
ENGLAND, Public Docs, MiscA Declaration of the Causes Mouing the Queenes Maiestie to Sent a Nauy to the Seas507
ENGLAND, Public DocsArticles of Peace: In a Treatie378
ENGLAND, Public DocsHis Majesties Commission and Further Declaration Concerning the Reparation of Saint Pauls Church379
ENGLAND, Public DocsHis Majesties Commission to Enquire of the Decayes of the Cathedral Church of St. Paul355
ENGLAND, Public DocsHis Majesties Declaration of the Causes which Moved Him to Dissolve His Last Parliament450
ENGLAND, Public DocsOrders and Directions fot the Better Administration of Justice451
ENGLAND, Public DocsPublicke Register for? Commerce655
ENGLAND, Public DocsThe Decree and Establishment of the Kings Maiestie?731
ENGLAND, StatutesIn this Boke ar Conteyned These Statutes?924
ENGLISH ProtestantEnglish Protestants Plea, and Petition to the Court of Parliament798
EducationThe Necessarie, Fit and Conuenient Education of a Gentlewoman168
Elder, JohnThe Copie of a Letter Sent in to Scotlande?308
Eliot, JohnThe Survey, or Topographical Description of France.923
Elizabeth, queenThe True Copie of a Letter from the Queens Maiesty to the Lord Mayor of London167
England, ParliamentA Decree of Starre-Chamber, Concerning Printing190
EpictetusThe Manuall of Epictetus869
Erasmus, DesideriusA Booke Called in Iatyn Enchiridion and in Englysshe the Manuell of the Cristen Knyght156
Erasmus, DesideriusA Lytle Treatise of the Maner and Forme of Confession553
Erasmus, DesideriusAn Exhortation to the Diligent Studye of Scripture510
Erasmus, DesideriusApophthegmes, That is to Saie, Prompte Saiynges99
Erasmus, DesideriusOne Dialogue or Colloquy Entitled Diuersoria244
Erasmus, DesideriusPreparation to Deathe, A Booke as Deuout as Eloquent733
Erasmus, DesideriusProuerbes or Adagies with Newe Addicions, Gathered out of the Chiliades of Erasmus124
Erasmus, DesideriusThe Censure and Iudgement of Erasmus:452
Erasmus, DesideriusThe Complaint of Peace592
Erasmus, DesideriusUtile-Dulce: or, Trueths Libertie: Seven Wittie-Wise Dialogues591
Estienne, RobertDictionariolum Puerorum, Tribus Linquis Latina, Anglica & Gallica Conscriptum351
Eulenspiegel, TillHere Beginneht a Merye Jest of a Man that was called Howleglas311
F, G B AA Discovery of the Great Subtiltie and Wonderful Wisdom of the Italians656
F., T.The Copie of a Letter Sent from Sea by a Gentleman511
FRANCE - REFORMED CHURCHESArticles Agreed on in the National Synode of the Reformed Churches799
FRANCEA Discourse of the Civile Warres in Fraunce?248
Fale, ThomasHorologiographia; the Art of Dialling328
Farewell, ChristopherAn East India Colation380
Farmer, JohnThe First Set of English Madrigals to 4 Voices512
Faust, Johann, Dr.Ths Historie of the Damnable Life and Deserued Death of Dr. J. Faustus173
Favour, JohnAntiquitie Triumphing over Noveltie325
Federici, CesareThe Voyage and Travaile of M.C. Frederick into the East India340
Feltham, OwenResolves, A Duple Century, 3rd Edition734
Fenner, DudleyA Counter-Poyson?735
Fenner, DudleyA Short?Treatise of Lawfull and Unlawfull Recreations870
Fenton, GeffrayA Forme of Christian Pollicie454
Fenton, RogerA Treatise of Usurie736
Ferne, Sir JohnThe Blazon of Gentrie513
Ferrabosco, AlfonsoLessons for 1, 2, and 3 Viols514
Fish, SimonA Supplicacyon for the Beggars515
Fisher, John, cardinalThis Treatise Concernynge the Fruytfull Saynges of Davyd?was Compyled by John Fyssher?Bysshop of Rochester925
Fitzherbert, JohnFitzharberts Booke of Husbandrie; Newly Corrected926
Fitzherbert, Sir AnthonyThe Newe Boke of Iustices of the Peas109
Fletcher, JohnThe Bloody Brother. A Tragedy179
Fletcher, JohnThe Elder Brother. A Comedie247
Fletcher, PhineasThe Purple Island313
Fletcher, RobertA Briefe and Failiar Epistle Shewing His Maiesties Title to all His Hingdomes516
Florio, GiovanniFlorio His Firste Fruites: A Perfect Induction to the Italian and English Tongues95
Florio, GiovanniFlorios Second Frutes157
Flower, MargaretThe Wonderful Discoverie of Witchcrafts of M. and P. Flowers517
Floyd, ThomasThe Picture of a Perfit Common Wealth518
Folkingham, WilliamBrachigraphy; or the Art of Short Writing455
Ford, JohnA Line of Life457
Ford, JohnFames Memoriall or the Earl of Devonshire Deceased188
Ford, JohnLoues Sacrifice, A Tragedie314
Ford, JohnThe Broken Heart. A Tragedy456
Ford, JohnThe Chronicle Historie of Perkin Warbeck447
Ford, JohnThe Fancies Chast and Noble594
Ford, JohnThe Ladies Triall285
Ford, JohnThe Lovers Melancholy271
FormanThe Groundes of the Longitude927
Forset, EdwardA Comparative Discourse of the Bodies Natural and Politique520
Fortescue, JohnA Learned Commendation of the Politique Lawes of England144
Fox, EdwardThe True Dyfferences between the Regall Power and the Ecclesiasticall Power595
Foxe, Richerd, bishop. Of DurhamThe Contemplation of Sinners645
Froissart, JeanHer begynneth the First Volum of Sir J. Froyssart257
Froissart, JeanHere Begynneth the Thirde and Fourthe Boke of Sir J. Froissart250
Fulbecke, WilliamA Booke of Christian Ethicks or Moral Philosophie737
Fulbecke, WilliamThe Pandectes of the Law of Nations928
Fuller, NicholasThe Argument of Master Nicholas Fuller, in the Case of Thomas Lad, and Richard Maunsell?738
GARDENERThe Expert Gardener659
GELDERLANDA Proclamation?Against the Slanders Laid upon the Evangelical?930
GOVERNALIn this Tretyse that is Cleped Gouernayle of Helthe192
GRISONSThe Proceedings of the Grisons in the Yeer 1618383
GUIANAA Publication of Guianas Plantation525
Gainsford, ThomasThe Rich Cabinet, Furnished with Varietie of Excellent Discriptions458
Gainsford, ThomasThe Secretaries Study658
Gainsford, ThomasThe True Exemplary, and Remakable History of the Earle of Trione25
Gale, ThomasCertain Workes of Chirurgerie420
Gardiner, EdmundPhisicall and Approved Medicines191
Gardiner, RichardProfitable Instructions for Manuring, Sowing and Planting of Kitchin Gardens596
Gascoigne, GeorgeThe Posies of --- Corrected and Augmented929
Gascoigne, GeorgeThe Spoyle of Antwerpe Faithfully Reported by a True Englishman180
Gascoigne, GeorgeThe Steele Glas597
Gataker, ThomasA Sparke Towards the Kindling of Sorrow for Sion800
Gates, GeoffreyThe Defence of Militarie Profession521
Gedde, WalterA Booke of Sundry Draughtes Principally for Glasiers: Whereunto is Annexed How to Anniel in Glas. 4pts316
Gentillet, InnocentA Discourse upon the Meanes of Wel Governing?205
Geraldson, CorneliusAn Addition to the Sea Journal of the Hollanders unto Java2
Gerard, John Catalogus Arborum, Fructicum ac Plantarum?598
Gesner, ConradThe Newe Iewell of Health381
Gesner, ConradThe Treasure of Euonymus: Conteyninge the Hid Secretes of Nature97
Gething, RichardCalligraphotechnia, or the Art of Faire Writing599
Gifford, GeorgeA Discourse of the Subtill Practises of Devilles by Witches and Sorcerers871
Gifford, GeorgeA Plaine Declaration that our Brownists be full Donatists661
Gil, AlexanderThe New Starr of the North, Shining Upon the King of Sweden801
Gilbert, Sir HumphreyA Discourse of a Discoverie for a New Passage to Cataia72
Glanvill, Sir JohnThe Copies of Two Speeches in Parliament739
Glapthorne, HenryThe Hollander. A comedy931
Godwin, Francis, Bp.The Man in the Moon or a Discourse of a Voyage thither by D. Gonsales459
Goeurot, JehanThe Kegiment of Life?802
Golding, Arthur A Briefe Treatise Concerning the Burnynge of Bucer and Phagius780
Gonzalez de Mendoza, JuanThe Historie of the Great and Mightie Kingdome of China522
Goodman, ChristopherHow Superior Powers Oght to be Obeyd by their Subjects460
Goodman, Godfrey, bishopThe Creatures Praysing God: or, The Religion of Dumbe Creatures932
Gordon, JohnEngland and Scotlands Happinesse in Being Reduced to Unitie of Religion461
Gosson, StephenThe Schole of Abuse?523
Gouge, WilliamOf Domestical Duties803
Gratarolus, GulielmusA Direction for the Health of Magistrates and Studentes462
Gratarolus, GulielmusTha Castel of Memorie382
Gray, RobertA Good Speed to Virginia253
Greenham, RichertThe Works, Examined, Corrected, and Published524
Grotius, HugoTrue Religion Explained and Defended318
Grymeston, ElizabethMiscelanea. Meditations.933
Gryndall, WilliamHawking, Hunting, Fouling, and Fishing463
Guevara, Antonio De, BpThe Diall of Princes (with the Famous Booke of Marcus Aurelius).50
Guicciardini, LudovicoThe Description of the Low Countreys?804
Guido, De CauliacoGuydos Questions Newly Corrected35
Guillemeau, JacquesChild-birth464
Guillim, JohnA Display of Heraldrie934
Gunter, EdmundThe Description and Use of His Majesties Dials in White-Hall Garden465
Gunter, EdmundThe Description and Use of the Sector, the Cross-Staffe, and Other Instruments422
HOLLANDNews out of Holland of the East India(sic) Trade There609
HOLLANDERSAn Answere to the Hollanders Declaration, Concerning the Occurents of the East India327
HOLLANDERSThe Hollanders Declaration of the Affaires of the East Indies326
Haele, WilliamAn Apologie for Women or an Opposition to Mr. Dr. G His Assertion665
Hake, EdwardA Touchestone for this Time Present663
Hall, Joseph, bishopQuo Vadis? A Just Censure of Travell as it is Commonly Undertaken by the Gentlemen of Our Nation740
Hall, JosephThe Discovery of a New World119
Hamor, RalpheA True Discourse of the Present Estate of Virginia320
Harcourt, RobertA Relation of a Voyage to Guiana600
Hardyng, JohnThe Chronicle from the Firste Begynnyng of Englande805
Hariot, ThomasA Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia384
Hart, JohnAn Orthographie40
Harvey, GabrielA New Letter of Notable Contents193
Harward, SimonA Discourse of Lightnings385
Harward, SimonHarwards Phlebotomy526
Haslop, HenryNews out of the Coast of Spaine466
Hausted, PeterThe Rivall Friends. A Comedie601
Hawes, RichardThe Poore-Mans Plaster-Box664
Hawkins, Sir JohnA True Declaration of the Troublesome Voyadge of M. John Hawkings?602
Hawkins, Sir RichardThe Observations of Sr R. Hawkins in His Voiage into the South Sea 159349
Hayward, JohnA Report of a Discourse Concerning Supreme Power in Affaires of Religion935
Hayward, Sir JohnAn Answer to the First Part of a Certain Conference?741
Hayward, Sir JohnThe First Part of the Life and Raigne of King Hentie the IIII742
Helwys, ThomasObjections Answered by Way of Dialogue?603
Henisch, GeorgThe Principles of Geometry, Astronomie and Geographie, Gatherd321
Henry III, king of FranceA Comparison of the English and Spanish Nation: Composed by a French Gentleman Against those of the League467
Henry VIII, king of EnglandA Copy of the Letters, Wherin Kyung Henry the Eyght Made Answere Vnto a Certayn Letter of Martyn Luther322
Henry VIII, king of EnglandAnswere Made by the Kynges Hychnes to the Petitions of the Rebelles in Yorkeshire872
Henryson, RobertThe Testament of Cresseid92
HeracliusHere Begynneth the Boke Intituled Eracles and also of Godefrey of Boloyne.604
Herbert, Sir ThomasA Relation of Some Yeares Travaile Begunne Anno 1626?349
Heresbach, ConradFoure Bookes of Husbandry?323
Herring, FrancisCertaine Rules, Directions or Advertisements for this Time of Pestilentiall Contagion527
HesiodThe Georgicks of Hesiod324
Hester, JohnThe Key of Philosophie, in Two Bookes605
Hew, DanHere Beginneth a Merry Iest of Dane Hew, Munk of Leicestre666
Heydon, Sir ChristopherA Defence of Judicial Astrologie, in Answer to a Treatise Lately Published by M. John Chamber873
Heylen, PeterThe History of the Sabbath, 2pts150
Heylin, PeterMicrocosmus, or a Little Description of the Great World743
Heylyn, Peter A Briefe Answer to the Challanges of Henry Burton 806
Heywood, ThomasEnglands Elizabeth; Her Life and Troubles528
Heywood, ThomasThe English Traveller606
Heywood, ThomasThe Fair Maid of the West. 2 pts529
Heywood, ThomasThe Hierarchie of the Blessed Angells530
Heywood, ThomasTroia Britanica, or Great Britaines Troy667
Hieronymus, Von BraunschweigA Most Excellent Homish Apothecary43
Hieronymus, Von BraunschweigThe Nobel Experyence of the Vertuous Handy Warke of Surgeri531
Hieronymus, Von BraunschweigThe Vetuose Boke of Distyllatyon532
Higden, RanulphusDescripcion of Britain (& also Irolonde Taken Out of Policronicon)386
Higginson, FrancisNew-Englands Plantation256
Hill, RobertThe Pathway to Prayer and Pietie744
Hill, Thomas The Arte of Gardening936
Hill, Thomas The School of Skill607
Hitchcocke, RobertA Pollitique Platt, for the Honour of the Prince388
Holborne, AntonyThe Cittharn Schoole (with Sixe Short Aers Neapolitan Done by his Brother William Holborne608
Holland, PhilemonGutta Podagrica: A Treatise of the Gout319
HomerThe Iliads of Homer, 24 Bookes115
Hood, RobinHere Begynneth a Lytell Geste of Robyn Hode286
Hood, ThomasA Copie of the Speache Made by the Mathematicall Lecturer at the House of M.T. Smith 4 Nov. 1588668
Hood, ThomasThe Making and Use of the Geometricall Instrument Called a 'Sector'610
Hood, ThomasThe Vse of Both the Globes389
Hood, ThomasThe Vse of the Celestial Globe in Plano533
Hood, ThomasThe Vse of the Two Mathematicall Instruments, the Crosse Staffe and the Iacobs Staffe?468
Hooker, RichardOf the Lawes of Ecclesiasticall Politie390
Hooker, RichardThe Answere of Mr. R. Hooker to a Supplication? to the Privie Counsell807
Hooker, RichardTwo Sermons upon S. Judes Epistle195
Hopton, ArthurSpeculum Topographicum; or the Topographicall Glasse669
Horatius Flaccus, QuintusQ. Horatius Flaccus: His Art of Poetry670
Horman, WilliamVulgaria745
Hortop, JohnThe Travailes of an Englishman469
Huarte Navarro, Juan de DiosExamen de Ingenios, the Examination of Mens Wits126
Hughes, LewisA Letter Sent into England from the Summer Ilands391
Humphrey, LaurenceThe Nobles, or of Nobilitye With a Small Treatise of Philo a Jewe534
Huntar, AlexanderA Tretise of Weights, Mets, a. Measures of Scotland671
INSTITUTIONThe Institucion of a Gentleman672
INVENTIONA New Invention of Shooting Fireshafts in Long-Bowes674
IRELANDCertaine Aduertisements out of Ireland?535
ITALY AND FRANCEThe Determinations of the Moste Famous Universities of Italy and Fraunce329
Iames, Captaine Thomas The Strange and Dangerous Voyage58
Ingmethorpe, ThomasA Shorte Cathechisme? for Young Children (Engl. & Hebrew)937
Isumbras, SirHere Begynneth the History of Syr Isenbras245
Ive, PaulThe Practise of Fortification29
Jackson, AbrahamThe Pious Prentice, or the Prentices Piety746
Jacob, HenryAn Attestation of Many Learned, Godly, and Famous Divines?747
Jacob, HenryTo the Right High and Mightie Prince James?748
Jaggard, WilliamCatalogue of Such English Books as Lately have been, or now are, in Printing for Publication196
James I, kingA Counter Blaste to Tobacco181
James I, kingDaemonologie, in Forme of a Dialogue94
James I, kingThe Essayes of a Prentise in the Diuine Art of Poesie209
James V, king of ScotlandAd Serenissimum Jacobum Quintum Strena127
Jerome, SaintVitas Patrum. (The Lyff of the Olde Auncyent Holy Faders Hermytes?874
JesuitsA Briefe Relation of the Persecution Against the Catholike Christians in the Kingdome of Japonia159
Jesus ChristThe Generall Signes and Fore-Runners of Christs Coming to Judgment875
Jewel, John, Bp.An Apologie or Aunswer in Defence of the Church of England470
Jobson, RichardThe Golden Trade, or a Discovery of the River Grambra and the Golden Trade of the Aethiopians56
John Browne, J.B., MerchantThe Merchants Avizo98
Johnson, RobertNova Britannia; Offring Fruits by Planting in Virginia111
Johnson, RobertThe New Life of Virginea: being the Second Part of Nova Britannia332
Jonson, BenThe Alchemist 330
Jonson, BenjaminJonsonus Virbius; or the Memorie of Ben Jonson Revived258
Jonson, BenjaminSeinus His Fall265
Jorden, EdwardA Briefe Discourse of a Disease Called the Suffocation of the Mother392
Jorden, EdwardA Discourse of Naturall Bathes and Minerall Waters393
Jourdan, SilvesterA Plaine Description of the Bermudas now Called Sommer Ilands: with an Additino etc.394
JusticesThe Boke of Justices of Peas808
KUR'ANHere Begynneth a Lytell Treatyse of the Turkes Lawe call Alcaron876
Kellie, Sir ThomasPallas Armata, or Militarie Instructions331
Kempe, WilliamA Dutiful Inuective Against the Moste Haynous Treasons of Ballard and Babington395
Keymis, LawrenceA Relation of the Second Voyage to Guiana65
King CharlesHis Majesties Proclamation Against the General Assembly692
King, Henry, bishopA Sermon Preached at Pauls Cross?809
Knox, JohnThe First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women471
L., W.The Incomparable Jewell, Shewed in a Sermon 810
LEATHERA Discourse, Tendered to the High Court of Parliament749
LONDON, College of PhysiciansCertain Necessary Directions for the Cure of the Plague. Also Certain Select Statutes939
LONDON, Orders and RegulationsOrders Taken and Enacted, for Orphans537
LONDONA Breefe Discourse Declaring and and Approuing the Necessarie Maintenance of the Laudable Customes of London538
LONDONThe Lawes of the Market676
La Ramee, Pierre D. , And Ramus, Petrus The Latine Grammar of P. Ramus289
La Ramee, Pierre DeThe Logike of P. Ramus107
Lambard, WilliamEirenarcha: or the Office of the Justices of Peace273
Lambard, WilliamThe Duties of Constables, Borsholders, Tihing-men, and Such Other Low Ministers of the Peace176
Lambe, JohnA Briefe Description of the Notorious Life of J. Lambe811
Langeren, Jacob VanA Direction for the English Traviller197
Langton, ChristopherAn Introduction into Phisycke281
Latham, SimonLathams Falconry, 2 pts812
Laud, William, archbishopA Speech Delivered in the Starr-Chamber at the Censure of J. Bastwick396
Laud, WilliamArticles Exhibited in Parliament Against William, Archbishop of Canterbury333
Lawne, ChristopherBrownisme Turned In-Side Out-Ward74
Le Petit, Jean FrancoisThe Low Country Commonwealth208
Leigh, RichardThe Copie of a Letter Sent out of England to Don B. Mendoza536
Leigh, ValentineThe Most Profitable Science of Surueying397
Leland, JohnThe Labouryouse Journey & Searche of Johan Leylande for Englandes Antiquitees750
Leo, JohannesA Geographical Historie of Africa133
Lescarbot, MarcNova Francia 877
Levett, JohnThe Ordering of Bees398
Lewkenor, Sir LewisA Discourse of the Usage of the English Fugitives by the Spaniard612
Lichfild, HenryThe First Set of Madrigals of 5 Parts472
Lindsay, Sir David Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits 137
Lindsay, Sir DavidThe Warkis of the Famous and Worthie Knicht, Schir Dauid Lyndesay.352
Linschoten, Jan Huygen VanJ. H. Van Linschoten his Discours of Voyages into ye Easte and West Indies675
Linton, AnthonyNewes of the Complement of the Art of Navigation and of the Mightie Empire of Cataia204
Lipsius, JustusA Direction for Travailers?878
Lipsius, JustusSixe Bookes of Politickes or Civil Doctrine287
Lithgow, William A Most Delectable, and True, Discourse?399
Lodge, ThomasA Treatise of the Plague938
Lodge, ThomasWits Miserie and the Worlds Madnesse198
Lomazzo, Giovanni PaoloA Tracte Containing the Artes of Curious Paintings.171
Lopes De Castanheda, FernaoThe First Booke of the Discouerie and Conquest of the East Indias539
Lord, HenryA Displaye of Two Forraigne Sects in the East Indies?540
Lupton, DonaldLondon and the Countrey Carbonadoed?879
Luther, MartinThe Chiefe and Pryncypall Articles of the Christian Faythe84
Lydgate, JohnHere Endeth the Book of the Lyf of Our Lady473
M, D.F.R. DEAn Answer to the Untruthes Published in Spaine, in Glorie of their Supposed Victorie Against Our English Navie189
M., A.The True Reporte of the Successe Which God Gaue unto Our English Souldiours in Ireland, 1580541
MARYLANDA Relation of Maryland815
Macchiavelli, NiccoloThe Arte of Warre135
Macchiavelli, NiccoloThe Prince, Nicholas Machiavel's51
Maddison, Sir RalphEngelands Looking In and Out813
Malynes, Gerard deConsuetudo?or The Ancient Law-Merchant940
Malynes, GerardA Treatise of the Canker of Englands Common Wealth 880
Manwood, JohnA Treatise of the Lawes of the Forest814
Maplet, JohnA Greene Forest, or a Natural Historie941
Marbecke, RogerA Defence of Tobacco33
Markham, GeorgeThe Sodiers Exercise: In Three Bookes677
Markham, GervaseCertaine Excellent and New Invented Knots and Mazes, for Plots for Gardens611
Markham, GervaseCheape and Good Husbandry139
Markham, GervaseCountrey Contentments, in Two Bookes?613
Markham, GervaseThe Inrichment of the Weald of Kent: or, A Direction to th eHusbandman614
Marlowe, ChristopherThe Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta334
Marlowe, ChristopherThe Massacre at Paris: with the Death of the Duke of Guise335
Mascall, Leonard A Booke of Fishing with Hooke & Line542
Massinger, PhilipA New Way to Pay Old Debts. A Comoedie262
Melanchthon, PhilipConfessyon of the Fayth of the Germaynes. the Apologie 771
Melanchthon, PhilippThe Justification of Man by Faith Only942
Melanchton, PhilipA Very Godly Defense, Defending the Mariage of Preistes199
Melanchton, PhilipThe Epistle of P. Melancton Made unto Kynge Henry the Eight,?336
Merbury, CharlesA Briefe Discourse of Royall Monarchie?474
Meteren, Emanuel VanA True Discourse Historicall, of the Succeeding Gouvernours in the Netherlands57
Middleton, ChrystopherThe Historie of Heaven: Containing the Poetical Fictions of all the Starres in the Firmament816
Middleton, Sir HenryEast Indian Voyage, The Last.307
Misselden, EdwardFree Trade, or, The Means to Make Trade Flourish267
Misselden, EdwardThe Circle of Commerce. Or the Balance of Trade, in Defense of Free Trade166
Mohammed II, sultanThe Turkes Secretorie, Conteining his Sundrie Letters to Divers Emperours263
Monardes, NicolasJoyfull Newes out of the Newe Founde Worlde251
Montagu, Henry, earl of ManchesterContemplatio Mortis et Immortalitatis337
Montagu, Richard, bishopAppello Caesarem. A Just Appeale from Two Unjust Informers475
Montagu, RicherdA Gagg for the New Gospell?751
Montgomery, AlexanderThe Cherrie and the Slaye338
More, RichardThe Carpenters Rule to Measure Ordinarie Timber252
More, Sir ThomasA Fruteful and Pleasaunt Worke of the Beste State of a Publyque Weale, and the Newe Yle Called Utopia108
More, Sir ThomasThe Apologye of Syr T. More, Knight228
More, Sir ThomasThe Supplycacyon of Soulys; Against the Supplycacyon of Beggars353
More, Thomas (Tr), and Francesco, Giovanni, and Mirandola, Pico D. Here is Coteyned the Lyfe of Joan Picus Erle of Myrandula884
More, Thomas A Dyaloge Wherin be Treadyd Dyvers Matres752
Morison, Sir RichardAn Exhortation to Styr all Englyshe Men to the Defence of theyr Countreye476
Morison, Sir RichardAn Inuective Ayenste Treason477
Morley, ThomasA Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke207
Morrice, ThomasAn Apology for Schoolemasters817
Morton, ThomasNew English Canaan or New Canaan, Containing an Abstract of New England140
Moryson, FynesAn Itinerary Written by F. Moryson. (Containing His Ten Yeeres Travell Through the Twelve Dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland and Ireland)387
Mulcaster, RichardPositions Where Those Circumstances be Examined Necessarie for the Training Up of Children339
Mun, ThomasA Discourse of Trade unto the East Indies85
Munday, AnthonyThe Englishe Romayne Lyfe478
Muriel, ChristopherAn Answer unto the Catholiques Supplicatoin?753
Murrell, JohnA New Booke of Cookerie479
NETHERLANDSA Description of the? Wise Government of the Netherlands943
NETHERLANDSA Request Presented to the King of Spayn?266
NETHERLANDSA Treatise of the Peace Between the States of the Lowe Countries and the Prince of Orange615
NETHERLANDSThe Confession of Fayth of Certayne English People?346
NEW ENGLANDA Briefe relation of the Discovery and Plantation of New England754
Napier, JohnA Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithmes211
Neck, Jacob VanThe Journall or Daily Register of the Voyage of Eight Shippes of Amsterdam680
Nesbit, E.Caesars Dialogue480
Niccols, RichardExpicedium. A Funeral Oration, Upon the Late Deceased Princesse, Elizabeth, Queen of England172
Niccols, RicherdThe Cuckow543
Nichols, PhilipSir Francis Drake Revived544
Nicolay, Nicolas DeThe Nauigations into Turkie48
Nixon, AnthonyThe Three English Brothers Sir T. Sherley His Travels?270
Norden, JohnA Pensive Mans Practise401
Norden, JohnEngland: An Intended Guyde for English Travaliers944
Norden, JohnSpeculi Britanniae Pars; the Description of Hartfordshire403
Norden, JohnSpeculum Britanniae; the First Parte, a Discription of Middlesex402
Norden, JohnThe Surveiors Dialogue945
Norman, RobertThe Newe Attractive?616
Norton, RobertThe Gunner, Shewing the Whole Practise of Artillerie617
Norwood, Richard The Sea-Man's Practice755
Norwood, RichardFortification, or Architecture Military545
Norwood, RichardTrigonometrie, or, the Doctrine of Triangles404
Nostradamus, MichaelThe Prognostication for 1559186
OBSERVATIONSEspeciall Observations in the Last Time of the Pestilence405
OFFICEOffice of Generall Remembrance681
ORIGINALThe Original & Sprynge of All Sectes & Orders946
Ormerod, OliverThe Picture of a Papist?756
Ormerod, OliverThe Picture of a Puritane?757
Ornithoparchus, AndreasA. Ornithoparcus His Micrologus, or Introduction: Containing the Art of Singing160
OstendA Breef Declaration of that which is Happened as Well Within as Without406
Overbury, Sir ThomasSir T. Overbury His Obseruations in his Travailes154
Ovidius Naso, PubliusThe .XV. Bookes of P. Ovidius Naso, Entytuled Metamorphosis?881
Owen LewisThe Running Register: Recording the State of the English Colledges in all Forraine Parts19
P., D.Certaine Brief and Necessarie Rules of Geographie818
PALATINATEA Full Declaration of the Faith?947
PUBLIC DOCSHis Majesties Commission Touching the Creation of Baronets309
PUBLIC DOCSHis Majesties Declaration Concerning His Proceedings with His Subjects of Scotland310
Paget, JohnAn Answer to the Unjust Complaints of W. Best819
Palmer, Sir ThomasAn Essay of the Meanes How to Make Our Travailes More Profitable546
Pare, AmbroiseThree and Fifty Instruments141
Parker, Henry The Riche and the Pore882
Parker, HenryThe Case Of Shipmoney briefly discoursed According To The Grounds of Law, Policy, and Conscience And Most Humbly Presented To The Censure and Correction of the High Court of Parliament Nov. 3. 1640820
Parkes, WilliamThe Curtaine-Drawer of the World948
Parkinson, John Paradisi in Sole, Paradisus Terrestris?758
Parsons, RobertA Conference about the Next Succession to the Crowne of Ingland481
Patten, William, LandownerThe Expedicion into Scotlande of Prince Edward547
Paulet, William, marquis of WinchesterThe Lord Marques Idlenes?949
Payne, RobertA Briefe Description of Ireland Made in 1589548
Peacham, HenryA Most True Relation of th eAffaires of Cleve and Gulick, ?549
Peacham, HenryMinerva Britanna, or a Garden of Heroical Deuises407
Peacham, HenryThe Art of Drawing with the Pen, and Limming in Water Colours230
Peachem, HenryThe Compleat Gentleman59
Peckham, Sir GeorgeA True Reporte of the Late Discovueries of the Newfound Landes341
PeeblesThe Thrie Tailes of the Thrie Priests of Peblis106
Pellham, EdwardGods Power and Providence: Shewed in the Miraculous Preservation of Eithe Englishmen?45
Pemble, William A Briefe Introduction to Geography883
Perkins, WilliamThe Whole Treatise of the Cases of Conscience482
Phayre, ThomasA Newe Boke of Presidentes in Maner of a Register569
PhilotusAne Verie Excellent and Delectabill Treaties Intitulit Philotus Quhariin?121
Piers, PloughmanPyers Plowmans Exhortation unto the Lordes Knightes821
Platt, Sir HughA New, Cheape, and Delicate Fire of Coleballes550
Platt, Sir HughThe Jewell House of Art and Nature?950
Plattes, GabrielA Discovery of Infinite Treasure682
PlutarchThe Education of Bringinge up of Children184
PlutarchThe Gouernaunce of Good Helthe16
Pocklington, JohnSunday no Sabbath. A Sermon.759
Polemon, JohnAll the Famous Battels that have been Fought in Our Age64
Polemon, JohnThe Second Part of the Booke of Battailes Fought in Our Age483
PolybiusThe Hystories of Polybius, Discoursing of the Warres betwist the Romanes & Carthaginenses132
Powell, GabrielThe Catholikes Supplication unto the Kings Majestie?822
Powell, RobertDepopulatino Arraigned, Convicted and Condemed by the Lawes of God and Man823
Powell, ThomasDirection for Search of Records685
Powell, ThomasThe Attourneys Academy, or the Manner of Proceeding Upon any Suite684
Poynet, John, bishopA Shorte Treatise of Politike Power, compyled by D.I. P(oynet), B(p of) R(ochester and) W(inchester)484
Preston, JohnThe Saints Daily Exercise824
Price, DanielThe Marchant. A Sermon951
Procter, Thomas, PoetOf the Knowledge and Conducte of Warres268
Procter, Thomas, esquireA Profitable Worke to this Whole Kingdome.885
Prynne, WilliamThe Unlovelinesse of Love-Lockes825
Purchas, SamuelPurchas His Pilgrim.146
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REDIMENTSRudiments of Militarie Disciplie105
Rainolde, RichardA Booke Called the Foundacion of Rhetorike91
Raliegh, Sir WalterA Declaration of the Demeanor and Cariage of Sir W. Raleigh as Well in his Voyage, as in his Returne288
Raliegh, Sir WalterA Report of the Truth of the Fight About the Iles of Azores183
Raliegh, Sir WalterThe Discouerie of the Large, Rich and Bewtiful Empire of Guiana.3
Raliegh, Sir WalterThe Prerogative of Parilaments in England, Provedin a Dialogue686
Rastell, John, Barrister & PrinterAn Exposition of Certaine Difficult and Obscure Wordes and Termes of the Lawes of this Realme210
Ravenscroft, ThomasA Briefe Discourse of the True Use of Charact'ring the Degrees in Measurable Musicke 2 pts.409
Ravenscroft, ThomasDeuteromelia; or the Second Part of a Musicks Melodie410
Ravenscroft, ThomasMelismata. Musicall phansies, fitting the court, citie and countrey humours. To 3, 4, and 5 Voyces411
Ravenscroft, ThomasPammelia. Musicks Miscellanie412
Read, Alexander, MDA Treatise of the First Part of Chirurgie826
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Record, RobertThe Castle of Knowledge760
Record, RobertThe Grounde of Artes, Teachyng the Worke and Practise of Arithmetike174
Record, RobertThe Whetstone of Witte, Whiche is the Second Parte of Arithmetike142
Reynard the Fox (T. Gaultier)Here Beginneth the Booke of Raynarde the Foxe162
Reynolds, John, of the MintPerfet Directions for All English Gold, Now Currant in the Kingdome886
Rich, BarnabyA Pathway to Militarie Discipline177
Rich, RichardNews from Virginia, the Lost Flocke Triumphant269
Rid, SamuelThe Art of Jugling or Legerdemaine688
Ripley, GeorgeCompound of Alchymy887
Roberts, Lewes The Merchants Mapp of Commerce689
Robinson, John, pastor of LeydenA Justification of Separation from the Church of England888
Romei, Annibale, CouintThe Courtiers Academie129
Rowlands or Verstegan, RichardThe Post for Divers Partes of the World?889
Rowlands, RichardA Restitution of Decayed Intelligence: In Antiquities Conerning the? English Nation952
Roy, WilliamRede Me and Be Nort Wrothe For I Say No Thynge but Trothe485
Ruthven, John, 3rd earl GowrieThe Earl of Gowries Conspiracie Against the Kings Maiestie of Scotland182
Ryves, Sir ThomasThe Poore Vicars Plea953
S., M.The Poore Orphans Court551
S., T.A Jewell for Gentrie?890
SAFEGARDThe Safegard of Sailers, or Great Rutter827
SCOTLAND, Church ofThe Confessioun of Faith Professit?555
SCOTLAND, Church ofThe First and Second Booke of Discipline?893
SCOTLAND, Church ofThe Protestation of the Generall Assemblie Made in the Hight Kirk?343
SCOTLANDA Large Declaration Concerning the Late Tumults in Scotland149
SCOTLANDAn Information to All Good Christians within the Kingdome of England?828
SCOTLANDThe Intentions of the Army of the Kingdome of Scotland829
SERIESA Proclamation against Breaking Monuments Antiquitie370
SERIESA Proclamation for the Marchauntes Aduenturers368
SERIESBy the Queene (A Proclamation Concernyng Hattes and Cappes)375
SERIESBy the Queene (Against ill-Treatment of 'Informers')373
SERIESBy the Queene (Against the Earl of Northumberland)374
SERIESBy the Queene (Forbidding Export of Armour to Russia)371
SERIESBy the Queene (Forbidding Unlicensed Plays)369
SERIESBy the Queene (for Discovering Authors of Libels)376
SERIESBy the Queene (for Sowing Lands with Flax)377
SERIESThe King's Maiesties Declaration Concerning Lawfull Sports243
SERIESThis is the Ordinance for the Quenes Swannes372
STRACHEY, WILLIAMFor the Colony of Virginea Britannia 488
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Schouten, Willem CornelisThe Relation of a Wonderfull Voiage4
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Scot, ReginaldThe Discoverie of Witchcraft299
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Scott, ThomasThe Interpreter?673
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Securis, JohnA Detection and Querimonie of the Daily Enormities Committed in Physick830
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Settle, DionyseA True Reporte of the Laste Voyage by Capteine Frobisher88
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Sidney, Sir PhillipAn Apologie for Poetri413
Silver, GeorgeParadoxes of Defence?8
Simotta, GeorgeA Theater of the Planetary Hours for all the Dayes of the Yeare414
Skene, Sir John (Skeyne)Ane Breve Descriptioun of the Pest415
Skeyne, GilbertAne Breif Descriptioun of the Well of the Woman-Hill Besyde Abirdene104
Smart, PeterThe Vanitie & Downe-Fall of Superstitious Popish Ceremonies894
Smith, Henry Three Sermons 832
Smith, HenryA Preparative to Mariage...762
Smith, John, governor of VirginaA Map of Virginia557
Smith, John, governor of VirginaAdvertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New England356
Smith, John, governor of VirginaNew Englands Trials416
Smith, JohnA Sea Grammer5
Smith, JohnThe True Travels, Adventures, and Observations of Captaine J. Smith61
Smith, Sir ThomasDe Republica Anglorum.219
Smyth, JohnThe Differences of the Churches of the Seperation Contayning a Description of the Leiturgie and Ministerie of the Visible Church624
Snawsel, RobertA Looking-Glasse for Married Folkes763
Some, RobertA Godly Treatise Containing and Deciding Certaine Questions696
Spanish LiesA Packe of Spanish Lies, Sent Abroad in the World487
Spenser, BenjaminVox Civitatis, or Londons Complaint Against Her Children in the Countrey954
Spenser, EdmundAmoretti and Epithalamion114
Spenser, EdmundColin Clouts Come Home Againe187
Spenser, EdmundComplaints, Containing Sundrie small poems of the words vanitie278
Spenser, EdmundFowre Hymnes347
St. AlbansThe Book of Hawking, hunting and blasing of arms151
St. Germain, ChristopherA Treatise Concernynge the Division Betwene the Spirytualtie and Temporaltie453
St. Germain, ChristopherHereafter followeth a Dyaloge in Englysshe bytwyxt a Doctoure of Dyuynyte and a Student in the Lawes of Englande552
St. Germaine, ChristopherSalem and Bizance618
St. Germaine, ChristopherThe Addicions of Salem and Byzance619
Standish, JohnA Lytle Treatise Composyd by John Stadysshe Against the Protestacion of Robert Barnes at the Tyme of his Death955
Starkey, ThomasAn Exhortation to the People, Instructynge Theyme to Unitie and Obedience625
Stevin, SimonThe Haven Finding Art, by the Latitude and Variaton6
Stubbes, PhilipThe Anatomie of Abuses489
Sturtevant, Simon METALLICA764
Sturtevant, Simon The Etymologist of Aesops fables697
Sutcliffe, MatthewA Treatise of Ecclesiasticall Discipline626
Sutcliffe, MatthewThe Examination of T. Cartwrights Late Apologie558
SwedenA Survey of the Kingdom of Sweden956
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T., C.An Advise How to Plant Tobacco in England559
TREASURER (The Treasurer's Almanacke)The Money Monger; or The Usurers Almanacke958
Tanner, RobertA Briefe Treatise for the Ready Use of the Sphere627
Tapp, JohnThe Path-Way to Knowledge: Containing the Whole Art of Arithmeticke66
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Taverner, JohnCartaine Experiments Concerning Fish and Fruite75
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Thevet, AndreThe New Found World, or Antarcticke417
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Thorpe, WilliamThe Examinacion of Master William Thorpe Preste Accused of Heresy766
Tillesley, RichardAnimadversions upon M. Seldens History of Tithes896
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Turberville, GThe Booke of Faulconrie or hauking93
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Tusser, ThomasA Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie628
Tyndale, WilliamA Compendious Introduccion...767
Tyndale, WilliamThe Obedience of a Christen Man and How Christen Rulers Ought to Governe897
ULSTERConditions to be Observed by Brittish Undertakers of the Escheated Lands in Ulster490
Underhill, JohnNews from America; or, a New Discoverie of New England348
VIRGINIAA Declaration of the State of the Colonie and Affaires of Virginia. By his Majesties Counseil for Virginia563
VOCABULARYHere Begynneth a Lytell Treatyse for to Lerne Englysshe and Frensshe630
Vaughan, Rowland, of New Court, HerefordshireMost Approved, and Long Experienced Water-Workes898
Veer, Gerrit deThe True and Perfect Description of Three Voyages by the Ships of Holland and Zeland274
Vegetius, Renatus, FlaviusThe Foure Bookes of Martiall Policye41
Vere, Sir FrancisExtremities Urging Sir F. Veare to the Anti-Parle with the Archduke Albertus28
Vere, Sir FrancisTrue Newes from one of Sir. F. Veres Companie491
Verheiden, JacobusThe History of Moderne Protestant Divines?959
Vicary, ThomasA Profitable Treasise of the Anatomie of Mans Body: newly Reuyued629
Vincent, PhilipA True Relations of the Late Battell Fought in New England700
Vincentius Mirrour of the World960
W., A.A Booke of Cookery?834
Wadsworth, JamesThe English Spanish Pilgrime275
Waterhouse, EdwardA Declaration of the State of the Colony in Virginia276
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Weever, JohnAncient Funerall Monuments within the United Monarchie of Great Britaine, Irleand, and the Islands Adjacent961
Welwood, WilliamAn Abridgement of All Sea-Lawes565
Welwood, WilliamThe Sea-Law of Scotland96
Wentworth, PeterA Patihie Exhortation to Her Majestie for Establishing Her Successor519
West, Thomas, Baron De La WarreThe Relation of the Lord De-la-Warre, Lord Gouernour of the Colonie Planted in Virginea249
West, WilliamSymbolaegraphia. Which May be Termed the Art, Description of Instruments, Covenants, Contracts768
Whately, WilliamA Bride-Bush, or a Wedding Sermon769
Whately, WilliamA Care-Cloth: or a Tretise of the Cumbers and Troubles of Marriage835
Whetstone, GeorgeThe Censure of a Loyall Subject?631
Whetstone, GeorgeThe English Myrror. ?632
Whitbourne, RichardA Discourse and Discovery of Newfound-land419
White, JohnThe Planters Plea60
White, ThomasA Discovery of Brownisme701
Whitney, GeffreyA Choice of Emblemes and Other Devises161
Whittingham, WilliamA Brieff Discours off the Troubles Begonne at Franckford492
Wilbye, JohnThe First Set of English Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6 Voices493
Wilbye, JohnThe Second Set of Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 5 Parts?633
Wilkins, GeorgeThree Miseries of Barbar: Plague, Famine, Civill Warre178
Wilkins, John, bishopThe Discovery of a World in the Moone494
Wilkinson, WilliamA Confutation of Certained Articles Deliuered (by H. Niklaes) unto the Family of Love279
Williams, John, archbishopA Sermon of Apparell963
Williams, John, archbishopThe Holy Table?More Antiently than an Altar962
Williams, Sir RogerThe Actions of the Lowe Countries280
Willis, EdmondAn Abreviation of Writing by Character899
Willis, JohnThe Art of Memory so Far Forth as it Dependeth Upon Places and Ideas634
Willis, JohnThe School-Maister to the Art of Stenographie702
Willymat, WilliamA Loyal Subjects Looking-Glasse495
Wilson, John, priestThe English Martyrologe254
Wilson, Sir ThomasAhte Arte of Rhetorique206
Wilson, Sir ThomasThe Rule of Reason261
Wither, George, poetThe Schollers Purgatory, Discovered in the Stationers Commonwealth900
Wood, WilliamNew Englands Prospect68
Wotton, Sir HenryThe Elements of Architecture272
Wright, EdwardThe Description and Use of the Sphere136
YPRESThe Forme and Maner of Subvention for Pore People Practysed in Hypres705
Yonge, NicholasMusica Transalpina. Madrigales Translated of 4, 5, and 6 Parts.496
Yorke, James THE UNION OF HONOUR 148
Zwingli, UlrichA Short Pathwaye to the Ryght and True Understanding of the Holye and Sacred Scriptures901
Zwingli, UlrichThe Accompt Rekenynge and Confession of the Faith of Huldrik Zwinglius964