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Harborowe for Faithfull and Trewe Subjects?, AnAylmer, John, Bp423
.XV. Bookes of P. Ovidius Naso, Entytuled Metamorphosis?, TheOvidius Naso, Publius881
A. Ornithoparcus His Micrologus, or Introduction: Containing the Art of SingingOrnithoparchus, Andreas160
Abreviation of Writing by Character, AnWillis, Edmond899
Abridgement of All Sea-Lawes, AnWelwood, William565
Accompt Rekenynge and Confession of the Faith of Huldrik Zwinglius, TheZwingli, Ulrich964
Achitophel?Picture of a Wicked PoliticianCarpenter, Nathaniel914
Actions of the Lowe Countries, TheWilliams, Sir Roger280
Ad Serenissimum Jacobum Quintum StrenaJames V, king of Scotland127
Addicions of Salem and Byzance, TheSt. Germaine, Christopher619
Addition to the Sea Journal of the Hollanders unto Java, AnGeraldson, Cornelius2
Advertisements for the Unexperienced Planters of New EnglandSmith, John, governor of Virgina356
Advise How to Plant Tobacco in England, AnT., C.559
Ahte Arte of RhetoriqueWilson, Sir Thomas206
Alchemist , TheJonson, Ben330
All the Famous Battels that have been Fought in Our AgePolemon, John64
Amendment of Orthographie for English Speech, TheBullokar, William 24
Amoretti and EpithalamionSpenser, Edmund114
Anatomie of Abuses, TheStubbes, Philip489
Anatomie of Popish Tyrannie, TheBell, Thomas714
Anatomy of Arminianisme, TheDu Moulin, Pierre, the Elder797
Anatomy of Melancholy?, TheBurton, Robert301
Ancient Funerall Monuments within the United Monarchie of Great Britaine, Irleand, and the Islands AdjacentWeever, John961
Ancient State of the Court of Requests, TheCaesar, Julius 785
Ane Breif Descriptioun of the Well of the Woman-Hill Besyde AbirdeneSkeyne, Gilbert104
Ane Breve Descriptioun of the PestSkene, Sir John (Skeyne)415
Ane Satyre of the Thrie Estaits Lindsay, Sir David 137
Ane Verie Excellent and Delectabill Treaties Intitulit Philotus Quhariin?Philotus121
Animadversions upon M. Seldens History of TithesTillesley, Richard896
Answer to the First Part of a Certain Conference?, AnHayward, Sir John741
Answer to the Unjust Complaints of W. Best, AnPaget, John819
Answer to the Untruthes Published in Spaine, in Glorie of their Supposed Victorie Against Our English Navie, AnM, D.F.R. DE189
Answer unto the Catholiques Supplicatoin?, AnMuriel, Christopher753
Answere Made by the Kynges Hychnes to the Petitions of the Rebelles in YorkeshireHenry VIII, king of England872
Answere of Mr. R. Hooker to a Supplication? to the Privie Counsell, TheHooker, Richard807
Answere to a Letter , AnAmes, William566
Answere to the Hollanders Declaration, Concerning the Occurents of the East India, AnHOLLANDERS327
Answeres of Some Brethern of the Ministeri to the Replies concerning the late Covenant, TheABERDEEN636
Antiquitie Triumphing over NoveltieFavour, John325
Aphorismes Civill and Militarie;?Dallington, Sir Robert864
Aphorismes of Christian Religion?Calvin, Jean575
Apologeticall Reply to a Booke Called an Answer to the Unjust Complaint of W.B., AnDavenport, John792
Apologie for Poetri, AnSidney, Sir Phillip413
Apologie for Women or an Opposition to Mr. Dr. G His Assertion, AnHaele, William665
Apologie or Aunswer in Defence of the Church of England, AnJewel, John, Bp.470
Apologie or Defence of Such Tru Christians as are Commonly Called Brownists, AnAinsworth, Henry217
Apologuy for an Appeale. Also an Epistle to the True Hearted Nobility., ANBurton, Henry782
Apology for Schoolemasters, AnMorrice, Thomas817
Apologye of Syr T. More, Knight, TheMore, Sir Thomas228
Apophthegmes New and OldBacon, Francis424
Apophthegmes, That is to Saie, Prompte SaiyngesErasmus, Desiderius99
Apostolike Obedience. A SermonSibthorpe, Robert831
Appello Caesarem. A Just Appeale from Two Unjust InformersMontagu, Richard, bishop475
Approoued Order of Martial Discipline, With Every Particular Offycer His Office and Dutie, TheClayton, Giles581
Approved Treatise of Hawkes and Hawking, Divided into Three Books, AnBert, Edmund23
Argument of Master Nicholas Fuller, in the Case of Thomas Lad, and Richard Maunsell?, TheFuller, Nicholas738
Arighmeticall Militare Treatise Named Stratioticos, AnDigges, Leonard (and Thomas)71
Ariostos Seven Planets Governing Italie?Ariosto, Ludovico770
Arrainement of the Whole Societie of Jesuites in Fraunce, TheArnauld, Antoine904
Ars Moriendi, that is to Saye the Craft for to Deye for the Helthe of Mannes SowleARS639
Art of Drawing with the Pen, and Limming in Water Colours, ThePeacham, Henry230
Art of Dyalling in Two Parts, TheBlagrave, Thomas69
Art of Embattailing an Army, or the Second Part of Aelian's Tacticks, TheAelianus, Tacticus70
Art of Jugling or Legerdemaine, TheRid, Samuel688
Art of Memory so Far Forth as it Dependeth Upon Places and Ideas, TheWillis, John634
Art of Riding, set foorth in a breefe treatise, TheAstley, John10
Art of War and Englands Traynings, TheDavies, Edward37
Arte and Crafte of Rhethoryke, TheCox, Leonard862
Arte of Brachygraphie?, TheBales, Peter426
Arte of English Poesie, ThePuttenham, George342
Arte of Gardening, TheHill, Thomas 936
Arte of Logike, TheBlundevile, Thomas102
Arte of Shooting in Great Ordnaunce, TheBourne, William117
Arte of Warre, TheMacchiavelli, Niccolo135
Articles Agreed on in the National Synode of the Reformed ChurchesFRANCE - REFORMED CHURCHES799
Articles Exhibited in Parliament Against William, Archbishop of CanterburyLaud, William333
Articles of Militarie DisciplineArticles77
Articles of Peace: In a TreatieENGLAND, Public Docs378
Articles to be Inquired of?ENGLAND, Church of732
Astrolabium Uranicum GeneraleBlagrave, John435
Astronomicall Descriptin of the Late Comet from the 18 of November 1618 to the 16 of December following, AnBainbridge, John710
Attestation of Many Learned, Godly, and Famous Divines?, AnJacob, Henry747
Attourneys Academy, or the Manner of Proceeding Upon any Suite, ThePowell, Thomas684
Baculum Familiare, a Booke of the Making and Vse of a StaffeBlagrave, John225
Begin 2a 'In the Yere of Thyncarnacion?'ENGLAND, Chronicles508
Belman of London?, TheDekker, Thomas584
Bibliotheca Scholastica Instructissima; or a Treasure of Ancient AdagiesDraxe, Thomas796
Blazon of Gentrie, TheFerne, Sir John513
Bloody Brother. A Tragedy, TheFletcher, John179
Boecius de Consolacione PhilosophieBoethius, Anicius, MTS644
Boke of Justices of Peas, TheJustices808
Boke of Secretes, TheAlbertus Magnus116
Book of Hawking, hunting and blasing of arms, TheSt. Albans151
Book of the Ordre of Chyvalry or Knyghthode, TheCaxton, John778
Booke Called in Iatyn Enchiridion and in Englysshe the Manuell of the Cristen Knyght, AErasmus, Desiderius156
Booke Called the Foundacion of Rhetorike, ARainolde, Richard91
Booke Containing Divers Sortes of Handes, As Well the English and French Secretarie, ADe Beau Chesne, John and Baildon, John867
Booke of Certaine Canons, Concernynge Some Parte of the Discipline of the Churche of England, AENGLAND, Church of312
Booke of Christian Ethicks or Moral Philosophie, AFulbecke, William737
Booke of Christian Prayers, ADay, Richard866
Booke of Cookery?, AW., A.834
Booke of Faulconrie or hauking, TheTurberville, G93
Booke of Fishing with Hooke & Line, AMascall, Leonard 542
Booke of Sundry Draughtes Principally for Glasiers: Whereunto is Annexed How to Anniel in Glas. 4pts, AGedde, Walter316
Brachigraphy; or the Art of Short WritingFolkingham, William455
Breef Declaration of that which is Happened as Well Within as Without, AOstend406
Breefe Discourse Declaring and and Approuing the Necessarie Maintenance of the Laudable Customes of London, ALONDON538
Breefe Discourse, Concerning the Force of All Manuall Weapons of Fire, ABarwick, Humphrey643
Breuiary of Helthe?, TheBorde, Andrew362
Bride-Bush, or a Wedding Sermon, AWhately, William769
Briefe Answer to the Challanges of Henry Burton , AHeylyn, Peter 806
Briefe Apologie against M. Sutcliffe, ACartwright, Thomas237
Briefe Declaration for what Manner of Speciall Nusance a Man May Have His Remedy by Assise, ADECLARATION446
Briefe Description of Hierusalem, Also a Map, tr by T Tymme, AAdrichomius, Christianus125
Briefe Description of Ireland Made in 1589, APayne, Robert548
Briefe Description of the Notorious Life of J. Lambe, ALambe, John811
Briefe Description of the Whole World, AAbbot, George213
Briefe Discourse Concerning the Power of the Peeres and Comons of Parliament, ASelden, John344
Briefe Discourse of Royall Monarchie?, AMerbury, Charles474
Briefe Discourse of a Disease Called the Suffocation of the Mother, AJorden, Edward392
Briefe Discourse of the Spanish State, with a Dialogue Intituled Philobasilis, ADaunce, Edward73
Briefe Discourse of the True Use of Charact'ring the Degrees in Measurable Musicke 2 pts., ARavenscroft, Thomas409
Briefe Discovery of the Idle Animadversions of M. Ridley?, ABarlow, William, Archd. Of Salisbury429
Briefe Introduction to Geography, APemble, William 883
Briefe Relation of the Persecution Against the Catholike Christians in the Kingdome of Japonia, AJesuits159
Briefe Report of the Militarie Seruices Done in the Low Countries, ADudley, Robert201
Briefe Treatise Concerning the Burnynge of Bucer and Phagius, AGolding, Arthur 780
Briefe Treatise for the Ready Use of the Sphere, ATanner, Robert627
Briefe Treatise of Testaments and Lat Wils, ASwinburne, Henry957
Briefe and Failiar Epistle Shewing His Maiesties Title to all His Hingdomes, AFletcher, Robert516
Briefe and True Relation of the Discoverie of the North Part of Virginia, ABrereton, John499
Briefe and True Report of the New Found Land of Virginia, AHariot, Thomas384
Briefe relation of the Discovery and Plantation of New England, ANEW ENGLAND754
Briefe, Easie and Necessary Tables, for the Valuation of LeasesClay, Thomas791
Brieff Discours off the Troubles Begonne at Franckford, AWhittingham, William492
Britaines Busse: or Herring-Fishing Ship, with the States Proclamation Annexed unto the same, as Concerning Herring-FishingE. S. 690
Broken Heart. A Tragedy, TheFord, John456
Brownisme Turned In-Side Out-WardLawne, Christopher74
By the Queene (A Proclamation Concernyng Hattes and Cappes)SERIES375
By the Queene (Against ill-Treatment of 'Informers')SERIES373
By the Queene (Against the Earl of Northumberland)SERIES374
By the Queene (Forbidding Export of Armour to Russia)SERIES371
By the Queene (Forbidding Unlicensed Plays)SERIES369
By the Queene (for Discovering Authors of Libels)SERIES376
By the Queene (for Sowing Lands with Flax)SERIES377
CITIES ADVOCATE , THEBolton, Edmund 715
Caesars DialogueNesbit, E.480
Calligraphotechnia, or the Art of Faire WritingGething, Richard599
Cardanus ComforteCardano, Girolamo82
Care-Cloth: or a Tretise of the Cumbers and Troubles of Marriage, AWhately, William835
Carpenters Rule to Measure Ordinarie Timber, TheMore, Richard252
Cartaine Experiments Concerning Fish and FruiteTaverner, John75
Case Of Shipmoney briefly discoursed According To The Grounds of Law, Policy, and Conscience And Most Humbly Presented To The Censure and Correction of the High Court of Parliament Nov. 3. 1640, TheParker, Henry820
Castle of Knowledge, TheRecord, Robert760
Castle or Picture of Policy, TheBlandy, William436
Catalogue of Such English Books as Lately have been, or now are, in Printing for PublicationJaggard, William196
Catalogus Arborum, Fructicum ac Plantarum?Gerard, John 598
Cathechisme or Manner to Teache Children the Christian Religion etc., TheCalvin, Jean46
Catholikes Supplication unto the Kings Majestie?, ThePowell, Gabriel822
Censure and Iudgement of Erasmus:, TheErasmus, Desiderius452
Censure of a Loyall Subject?, TheWhetstone, George631
Certain Homilies of M. Joan Calvine?Calvin, Jean576
Certain Necessary Directions for the Cure of the Plague. Also Certain Select StatutesLONDON, College of Physicians939
Certain Workes of ChirurgerieGale, Thomas420
Certaine Aduertisements out of Ireland?IRELAND535
Certaine Brief and Necessarie Rules of GeographieP., D.818
Certaine Excellent and New Invented Knots and Mazes, for Plots for GardensMarkham, Gervase611
Certaine Miscellany WorksBacon, Francis222
Certaine Rules, Directions or Advertisements for this Time of Pestilentiall ContagionHerring, Francis527
Certayne Newes of the Whole Discription, Ayde and Helpe of the Christian Princes for Poore Christians in the Low CountriesCHRISTIAN PRINCES442
Charge of Sir F. Bacon Touching Duells, TheBacon, Francis7
Cheape and Good HusbandryMarkham, Gervase139
Cherrie and the Slaye, TheMontgomery, Alexander338
Chiefe and Pryncypall Articles of the Christian Faythe, TheLuther, Martin84
Child-birthGuillemeau, Jacques464
Choice of Emblemes and Other Devises, AWhitney, Geffrey161
Christen State of Matrimonye, TheBullinger, Heinrich646
Christian Letter of Certaine English Protestants, ACartwright, Thomas202
Christian Turn'd Turke?, ADaborn, Robert583
Christian Warfare, TheDowname, John653
Christs Politician and Salomons Puritans:Scott, Thomas622
Chronicle Historie of Perkin Warbeck, TheFord, John447
Chronicle from the Firste Begynnyng of Englande, TheHardyng, John805
Chronicle of ScotlandBoethius, Hector, And Boece, Hector851
Churches Plea for Her Right, TheBest, William776
Chyrurgeons Closet or An Antidotarie Chyrurgicall, TheBonham, Thomas 31
Circle of Commerce. Or the Balance of Trade, in Defense of Free Trade, TheMisselden, Edward166
Cittharn Schoole (with Sixe Short Aers Neapolitan Done by his Brother William Holborne, TheHolborne, Antony608
Cochin-China. Containing Many Admirable Rarities of that CountreyBorri, Cristoforo223
Colin Clouts Come Home AgaineSpenser, Edmund187
Commonwealth and Gouernment of Venice, etc., TheContarini, Gasparo, Cardinal101
Comparative Discourse of the Bodies Natural and Politique, AForset, Edward520
Comparison of the English and Spanish Nation: Composed by a French Gentleman Against those of the League, AHenry III, king of France467
Compendious Introduccion..., ATyndale, William767
Complaint of Peace, TheErasmus, Desiderius592
Complaint of Roderyck Mors for the Redresse of Certeyn Wycked Lawes, TheBrinkelow, Henry500
Complaints, Containing Sundrie small poems of the words vanitieSpenser, Edmund278
Compleat Gentleman, ThePeachem, Henry59
Compleat Person, ADoddridge, Sir John586
Compleat Woman, TheDu Bosc, Jacques12
Composition or Making of the Oil Called Oleum Magistrale, TheBaker, George123
Compound of AlchymyRipley, George887
Conditions to be Observed by Brittish Undertakers of the Escheated Lands in UlsterULSTER490
Conference about the Next Succession to the Crowne of Ingland, AParsons, Robert481
Confession of Fayth of Certayne English People?, TheNETHERLANDS346
Confessioun of Faith Professit?, TheSCOTLAND, Church of555
Confessyon of the Fayth of the Germaynes. the Apologie Melanchthon, Philip771
Confutacion of that Treatise, Which One John Standish Made Agaynst the Protestacio of D. Barnes, ACoverdale, Myles, bishop917
Confutation of Certained Articles Deliuered (by H. Niklaes) unto the Family of Love, AWilkinson, William279
Confutation of the Remists Translation, Glosses, and Annotations on the new Testament, ACartwright, Thomas364
Conscience with the Power and Cases ThereofAmes, William708
Consolation for our Grammar Schooles, ABrinsley, John, the Elder203
Consuetudo?or The Ancient Law-MerchantMalynes, Gerard de940
Contemplatio Mortis et ImmortalitatisMontagu, Henry, earl of Manchester337
Contemplation of Sinners, TheFoxe, Richerd, bishop. Of Durham645
Copie of a Letter Sent from Sea by a Gentleman, TheF., T.511
Copie of a Letter Sent in to Scotlande?, TheElder, John308
Copie of a Letter Sent out of England to Don B. Mendoza, TheLeigh, Richard536
Copie of the Speache Made by the Mathematicall Lecturer at the House of M.T. Smith 4 Nov. 1588, AHood, Thomas668
Copies of Two Speeches in Parliament, TheGlanvill, Sir John739
Copy of the Letters, Wherin Kyung Henry the Eyght Made Answere Vnto a Certayn Letter of Martyn Luther, AHenry VIII, king of England322
Cosmographical Glasse, TheCunningham, William 44
Counter Blaste to Tobacco, AJames I, king181
Counter-Poyson?, AFenner, Dudley735
Countesse of Lincolnes Nurserie, TheClinton, Elizabeth, countess720
Countrey Contentments, in Two Bookes?Markham, Gervase613
Countrey Justice, TheDalton, Michael725
Courante of Newes from East India, ACoryate, Thomas729
Courtiers Academie, TheRomei, Annibale, Couint129
Courtly Masquing Ayres, Composed to 5 and 6 Parts, for Violins, Consorts, and CornetsAdson, John838
Creatures Praysing God: or, The Religion of Dumbe Creatures, TheGoodman, Godfrey, bishop932
Cuckow, TheNiccols, Richerd543
Curtaine-Drawer of the World, TheParkes, William948
Daemonologie, in Forme of a DialogueJames I, king94
Danger Wherein the Kingdome New Standeth, & the Remedie, TheCotton, Sir Robert Bruce721
Daungerous Positions?Bancroft, Richert, Archbp.427
De Republica Anglorum.Smith, Sir Thomas219
De iure Regni Apud ScotosBuchanan, George80
Declaration of the Causes Mouing the Queenes Maiestie to Sent a Nauy to the Seas, AENGLAND, Public Docs, Misc507
Declaration of the Demeanor and Cariage of Sir W. Raleigh as Well in his Voyage, as in his Returne, ARaliegh, Sir Walter288
Declaration of the Favourable Dealing of Her Maiesties Commissioners?, ACecil, William113
Declaration of the State of the Colonie and Affaires of Virginia. By his Majesties Counseil for Virginia, AVIRGINIA563
Declaration of the State of the Colony in Virginia, AWaterhouse, Edward276
Decree and Establishment of the Kings Maiestie?, TheENGLAND, Public Docs731
Decree of Starre-Chamber, Concerning Printing, AEngland, Parliament190
Defence of Contraries, TheDEFENCE175
Defence of Judicial Astrologie, in Answer to a Treatise Lately Published by M. John Chamber, AHeydon, Sir Christopher873
Defence of Militarie Profession, TheGates, Geoffrey521
Defence of Tobacco, AMarbecke, Roger33
Defence of Trade, in a Letter to Sir. T Smith, TheDigges, Dir Dudley26
Demaundes of Holy Scripture, with Answeres, TheBecon, Thomas907
Depopulatino Arraigned, Convicted and Condemed by the Lawes of God and ManPowell, Robert823
Descripcion of Britain (& also Irolonde Taken Out of Policronicon)Higden, Ranulphus386
Description and Use of His Majesties Dials in White-Hall Garden, TheGunter, Edmund465
Description and Use of the Sector, the Cross-Staffe, and Other Instruments, TheGunter, Edmund422
Description and Use of the Sphere, TheWright, Edward136
Description of a Maske, in Honour of the Lord Hayes, TheCampion, Thomas153
Description of the Admirable Table of Logarithmes, ANapier, John211
Description of the Low Countreys?, TheGuicciardini, Ludovico804
Description of the? Wise Government of the Netherlands, ANETHERLANDS943
Detection and Querimonie of the Daily Enormities Committed in Physick, ASecuris, John830
Determinations of the Moste Famous Universities of Italy and Fraunce, TheITALY AND FRANCE329
Deuteromelia; or the Second Part of a Musicks MelodieRavenscroft, Thomas410
Diall of Princes (with the Famous Booke of Marcus Aurelius)., TheGuevara, Antonio De, Bp50
Dialogical Discourses of Spirits and DivelsDeacon, John and Walker, John795
Dictes or Sayengis of the Philosophres, The(anon)920
Dictionarie of the French and English Tongues, ACotgrave, Randle367
Dictionariolum Puerorum, Tribus Linquis Latina, Anglica & Gallica ConscriptumEstienne, Robert351
Differences of the Churches of the Seperation Contayning a Description of the Leiturgie and Ministerie of the Visible Church, TheSmyth, John624
Direction for Search of RecordsPowell, Thomas685
Direction for Travailers?, ALipsius, Justus878
Direction for the English Traviller, ALangeren, Jacob Van197
Direction for the Health of Magistrates and Studentes, AGratarolus, Gulielmus462
Direction for the Plantaion in Ulster, ABlenerhasset, Thomas437
Discouerie of the Large, Rich and Bewtiful Empire of Guiana., TheRaliegh, Sir Walter3
Discourse About True Happinesse, ABolton, Robert909
Discourse Concerning the Drayning of Fennes and Surrounded Grounds, AC., H.784
Discourse Contayning the Life and Death of John Calvin, ABeze, Theodore de433
Discourse and Discovery of Newfound-land, AWhitbourne, Richard419
Discourse of Civill Life;?, ABryskett, Lodowick358
Discourse of Lightnings, AHarward, Simon385
Discourse of Naturall Bathes and Minerall Waters, AJorden, Edward393
Discourse of Trade unto the East Indies, AMun, Thomas85
Discourse of a Discoverie for a New Passage to Cataia, AGilbert, Sir Humphrey72
Discourse of the Civile Warres in Fraunce?, AFRANCE248
Discourse of the Navigation Which the Portugales doe Make to the Realmes?, ADe Escalante, Bernardino593
Discourse of the Subtill Practises of Devilles by Witches and Sorcerers, AGifford, George871
Discourse of the Usage of the English Fugitives by the Spaniard, ALewkenor, Sir Lewis612
Discourse upon the Meanes of Wel Governing?, AGentillet, Innocent205
Discourse, Tendered to the High Court of Parliament, ALEATHER749
Discoverie of Witchcraft, TheScot, Reginald299
Discovery of Brownisme, AWhite, Thomas701
Discovery of Infinite Treasure, APlattes, Gabriel682
Discovery of a New World, TheHall, Joseph119
Discovery of a World in the Moone, TheWilkins, John, bishop494
Discovery of the Great Subtiltie and Wonderful Wisdom of the Italians, AF, G B A656
Display of Heraldrie, AGuillim, John934
Displaye of Two Forraigne Sects in the East Indies?, ALord, Henry540
Duties of Constables, Borsholders, Tihing-men, and Such Other Low Ministers of the Peace, TheLambard, William176
Dutiful Inuective Against the Moste Haynous Treasons of Ballard and Babington, AKempe, William395
Dyaloge Descrybing the Orygynal Gound of these Lutheran Faccyons, ABarlow, William, Archd. Of Salisbury641
Dyaloge Wherin be Treadyd Dyvers Matres, AMore, Thomas 752
Earl of Gowries Conspiracie Against the Kings Maiestie of Scotland, TheRuthven, John, 3rd earl Gowrie182
East India Colation, AnFarewell, Christopher380
East Indian Voyage, The Last.Middleton, Sir Henry307
Education of Bringinge up of Children, ThePlutarch184
Eirenarcha: or the Office of the Justices of PeaceLambard, William273
Elder Brother. A Comedie, TheFletcher, John247
Elements of Architecture, TheWotton, Sir Henry272
Elements of the Common Lawes of England, TheBacon, Francis164
Elizabetha Triumphans: Conteyning the Damned Practizes used Ever Sithence Her Highness First Coming to the CrowneAske, James78
Encomion of Lady Pecunia, TheBarnfield, Richard642
Encouragement to Colonies, AnAlexander, William, Earl of Stirling63
Engelands Looking In and OutMaddison, Sir Ralph813
England and Scotlands Happinesse in Being Reduced to Unitie of ReligionGordon, John461
England: An Intended Guyde for English TravaliersNorden, John944
Englandes Mourning Garment?Chettle, Henry579
Englands Elizabeth; Her Life and TroublesHeywood, Thomas528
Englands Parnassus: or the Choysest Flowers of Our Moderne PoetsAllott, Robert216
English Gentleman?, TheBrathwait, Richerd717
English Gentlewoman Drawne out to the full body?, TheBrathwait, Richard215
English Lawyer; Describing a method for the Managing of the Lawes of this Land, TheDoddridge, Sir John503
English Martyrologe, TheWilson, John, priest254
English Myrror. ?, TheWhetstone, George632
English Protestants Plea, and Petition to the Court of ParliamentENGLISH Protestant798
English Spanish Pilgrime, TheWadsworth, James275
English Traveller, TheHeywood, Thomas606
English Usurer; or Usury Condemned, TheBlaxton, John578
Englishe Romayne Lyfe, TheMunday, Anthony478
Englysh Puritanism Containeuing the Maine Opinions of the Rigidest Sort of Those that are Called PuritanesBradshaw, William572
Epistle of P. Melancton Made unto Kynge Henry the Eight,?, TheMelanchton, Philip336
Epistle to the Learned Nobilitie of England, AnBroughton, Hugh855
Epitome of Certain Late Aspersions Cast at Civilians, AnClerk, William915
Especiall Observations in the Last Time of the PestilenceOBSERVATIONS405
Essay of the Meanes How to Make Our Travailes More Profitable, AnPalmer, Sir Thomas546
Essayes of a Prentise in the Diuine Art of Poesie, TheJames I, king209
Essayes. Religious Meditations. Places of Perswasion and DisswasionBacon, Francis17
Etymologist of Aesops fables, TheSturtevant, Simon 697
Exact Discourse of the Subtilties, Fashisions (sic), Pollicies, Religion and ceremonies of the East Indians, as well and Chyneses as Javans, AnScott, Edmund556
Examen de Ingenios, the Examination of Mens WitsHuarte Navarro, Juan de Dios126
Examinacion of Master William Thorpe Preste Accused of Heresy, TheThorpe, William766
Examination of T. Cartwrights Late Apologie, TheSutcliffe, Matthew558
Excellent and Meterial Discourse Proving What Great Danger Will Hang Over Our Heads, AnB., S.497
Exhortacyon Made to Relygyous Systers, AnAlcock, John638
Exhortation to Styr all Englyshe Men to the Defence of theyr Countreye, AnMorison, Sir Richard476
Exhortation to all Menne to Take Hede and Beware of Rebellion, AnChristopherson, John580
Exhortation to the Diligent Studye of Scripture, AnErasmus, Desiderius510
Exhortation to the People, Instructynge Theyme to Unitie and Obedience, AnStarkey, Thomas625
Expedicion into Scotlande of Prince Edward, ThePatten, William, Landowner547
Expert Gardener, TheGARDENER659
Expicedium. A Funeral Oration, Upon the Late Deceased Princesse, Elizabeth, Queen of EnglandNiccols, Richard172
Exposition of Certaine Difficult and Obscure Wordes and Termes of the Lawes of this Realme, AnRastell, John, Barrister & Printer210
Extremities Urging Sir F. Veare to the Anti-Parle with the Archduke AlbertusVere, Sir Francis28
Fair Maid of the West. 2 pts, TheHeywood, Thomas529
Fall of Princys Princessys and Other Nobles, TheBoccaccio, Giovanni 777
Fames Memoriall or the Earl of Devonshire DeceasedFord, John188
Famous Tragedy of the Rich Jew of Malta, TheMarlowe, Christopher334
Famouse Game of Chesse-Play, TheSaul, Arthur691
Fancies Chast and Noble, TheFord, John594
Fardle of Facions Conteining the Auncient Maners of Affrike and Asia, TheBoemus, Johnnes227
Feminine Monarchie; or a Tretise Concerning Bees, TheButler, Charles81
First Blast of the Trumpet Against the Monstruous Regiment of Women, TheKnox, John471
First Booke of the Discouerie and Conquest of the East Indias, TheLopes De Castanheda, Fernao539
First Part of the Life and Raigne of King Hentie the IIII, TheHayward, Sir John742
First Set of English Madrigals to 3, 4, 5, and 6 Voices, TheWilbye, John493
First Set of English Madrigals to 4 Voices, TheFarmer, John512
First Set of Madrigals of 5 Parts, TheLichfild, Henry472
First Two Partes of the Actes?, TheBale, John906
First and Second Booke of Discipline?, TheSCOTLAND, Church of893
Fitzharberts Booke of Husbandrie; Newly CorrectedFitzherbert, John926
Florio His Firste Fruites: A Perfect Induction to the Italian and English TonguesFlorio, Giovanni95
Florios Second FrutesFlorio, Giovanni157
Flower de Luce Planted in England?, TheDu Terme, Laurence505
Flowres of Sion to which is Adjoyned His Cypresse GroveDrummond, William 590
For God and the King. The Summe of Two SermonsBurton, Henry783
For the Colony of Virginea Britannia STRACHEY, WILLIAM488
Forme and Maner of Subvention for Pore People Practysed in Hypres, TheYPRES705
Forme of Christian Pollicie, AFenton, Geffray454
Forth Feasting; A Panegyricke to the Kings Most Excellent Majestie Drummond, William 138
Fortification, or Architecture MilitaryNorwood, Richard545
Fountaine of Ancient Fiction, TheCartari, Vincenzo577
Foure Bookes of Husbandry?Heresbach, Conrad323
Foure Bookes of Martiall Policye, TheVegetius, Renatus, Flavius41
Fourth and Final Booke of Secretes, TheAlessio, Piemontese, pseud.841
Fowre HymnesSpenser, Edmund347
Free Trade, or, The Means to Make Trade FlourishMisselden, Edward267
Fruteful and Pleasaunt Worke of the Beste State of a Publyque Weale, and the Newe Yle Called Utopia, AMore, Sir Thomas108
Full Declaration of the Faith?, APALATINATE947
Gagg for the New Gospell?, AMontagu, Richerd751
Galateo. A Tretise of Manners. Casa, Giovanni Della120
General and Rare Memorials Pertayning to Perfecte Arte of NavigationDee, John62
Generall Demands Concerning the Late CovenantABERDEEN635
Generall Signes and Fore-Runners of Christs Coming to Judgment, TheJesus Christ875
Geographical Historie of Africa, ALeo, Johannes133
Geography Delineated Forth in Two Bookes Containing the Sphaericall and the Topicall Partes ThereofCarpenter, Nathanael 787
Georgicks of Hesiod, TheHesiod324
Godly Treatise Containing and Deciding Certaine Questions, ASome, Robert696
Gods Power and Providence: Shewed in the Miraculous Preservation of Eithe Englishmen?Pellham, Edward45
Golden Trade, or a Discovery of the River Grambra and the Golden Trade of the Aethiopians, TheJobson, Richard56
Good Huswifes Jewell;?, TheDawson, Thomas865
Good Speed to Virginia, AGray, Robert253
Good and the Badde?, TheBreton, Nicholas853
Gouernaunce of Good Helthe, ThePlutarch16
Greene Forest, or a Natural Historie, AMaplet, John941
Greeting From The Court Of The Great MogulCoryate, Thomas30
Grounde of Artes, Teachyng the Worke and Practise of Arithmetike, TheRecord, Robert174
Groundes of the Longitude, TheForman927
Gunner, Shewing the Whole Practise of Artillerie, TheNorton, Robert617
Gutta Podagrica: A Treatise of the GoutHolland, Philemon319
Guydos Questions Newly CorrectedGuido, De Cauliaco35
Harwards PhlebotomyHarward, Simon526
Haven Finding Art, by the Latitude and Variaton, TheStevin, Simon6
Hawking, Hunting, Fouling, and FishingGryndall, William463
Her begynneth the First Volum of Sir J. FroyssartFroissart, Jean257
Here Beginneht a Merye Jest of a Man that was called HowleglasEulenspiegel, Till311
Here Beginneth a Merry Iest of Dane Hew, Munk of LeicestreHew, Dan666
Here Beginneth the Booke of Raynarde the FoxeReynard the Fox (T. Gaultier)162
Here Begynneth a Lityll Treatise Spekynge of the Arte & Crafte to Knowe Well to DyeART221
Here Begynneth a Lytell Geste of Robyn HodeHood, Robin286
Here Begynneth a Lytell New Treatyse Intytuled the IX., DrunkardsDRUNKARDS504
Here Begynneth a Lytell Treatyse for to Lerne Englysshe and FrenssheVOCABULARY630
Here Begynneth a Lytell Treatyse of the Turkes Lawe call AlcaronKUR'AN876
Here Begynneth a Treatyse to Dyspose Men to be Veruously Occupyed in Theyr Myndes and PrayersBetson, Thomas848
Here Begynneth the Boke Intituled Eracles and also of Godefrey of Boloyne.Heraclius604
Here Begynneth the Boke of KeruyngeBook (of Carving)298
Here Begynneth the Boke of the Feyt of Armes and of ChyvalryeDu Castel, Christine13
Here Begynneth the Booke Whiche is Called The Body of PolycyeDu Castel, Christine304
Here Begynneth the History of Syr IsenbrasIsumbras, Sir245
Here Begynneth the Thirde and Fourthe Boke of Sir J. FroissartFroissart, Jean250
Here Endeth the Book of the Lyf of Our LadyLydgate, John473
Here is Coteyned the Lyfe of Joan Picus Erle of MyrandulaMore, Thomas (Tr), and Francesco, Giovanni, and Mirandola, Pico D. 884
Hereafter followeth a Dyaloge in Englysshe bytwyxt a Doctoure of Dyuynyte and a Student in the Lawes of EnglandeSt. Germain, Christopher552
Hierarchie of the Blessed Angells, TheHeywood, Thomas530
His Maiesties Gracious Grant and Privilege?Braithwaite, William573
His Majesties Commission Touching the Creation of BaronetsPUBLIC DOCS309
His Majesties Commission and Further Declaration Concerning the Reparation of Saint Pauls ChurchENGLAND, Public Docs379
His Majesties Commission to Enquire of the Decayes of the Cathedral Church of St. PaulENGLAND, Public Docs355
His Majesties Declaration Concerning His Proceedings with His Subjects of ScotlandPUBLIC DOCS310
His Majesties Declaration of the Causes which Moved Him to Dissolve His Last ParliamentENGLAND, Public Docs450
His Majesties Proclamation Against the General AssemblyKing Charles692
Historicall Discourse of Antwerpe, AnAntwerpe903
Historie of Cambria (now called Wales), TheCaradoc of Llancarfan163
Historie of Foure-Footid Beastes?, TheTopsell, Edward561
Historie of Great Brtiannie, TheClapham, John719
Historie of Heaven: Containing the Poetical Fictions of all the Starres in the Firmament, TheMiddleton, Chrystopher816
Historie of Italie, TheThomas, William895
Historie of Life and Death, TheBacon, Francis20
Historie of Man, Sucked from the Sappe of the Most Approued Anathomistes, TheBanister, John122
Historie of Quintus Curcius, Conteyning th eActes of the Greate Alexander, TheDurtius Refus, Quintus303
Historie of Serpents?, TheTopsell, Edward562
Historie of Xenophon , TheBingham, John704
Historie of the Great Emporour Tamerlan, TheBec-Crespin, Julian du 38
Historie of the Great and Mightie Kingdome of China, TheGonzalez de Mendoza, Juan522
History of Moderne Protestant Divines?, TheVerheiden, Jacobus959
History of the Ancient and moderne Estate of the Principality of Wales?, TheDoddridge, Sir John587
History of the Church of England, TheBede, the Venerable234
History of the Sabbath, 2pts, TheHeylen, Peter150
Hollander. A comedy, TheGlapthorne, Henry931
Hollanders Declaration of the Affaires of the East Indies, TheHOLLANDERS326
Holsom Antidotus or Counter-Poyson Agaynst the Pestylent Heresye and Sects of the Anabaptistes, AnBullinger, Heinrich574
Holy Table?More Antiently than an Altar, TheWilliams, John, archbishop962
Horae Subsecovae. Observations and DiscoursesBrydges, Grey, 5th Lord Chandos232
Horologiographia; the Art of DiallingFale, Thomas328
Householders Philosophie Anexed a Dairie Booke, TheTasso, Torquato 765
How Superior Powers Oght to be Obeyd by their SubjectsGoodman, Christopher460
Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandrie, ATusser, Thomas628
Hypnerotomachia. The Strife of Love in a DremeColonna, Francesco87
Hystories of Polybius, Discoursing of the Warres betwist the Romanes & Carthaginenses, ThePolybius132
Ignatius his Conclave, or his Inthronisation in a Late Election in HellDonne, John868
Iliads of Homer, 24 Bookes, TheHomer115
Image of Bothe Churches, TheBale, John498
In this Boke ar Conteyned These Statutes?ENGLAND, Statutes924
In this Tretyse that is Cleped Gouernayle of HeltheGOVERNAL192
Incomparable Jewell, Shewed in a Sermon , TheL., W.810
Informacion and Teticion Agaynst the Oppressours of the Pore Commons of the Realme., AnCrowley, Robert918
Information to All Good Christians within the Kingdome of England?, AnSCOTLAND828
Inrichment of the Weald of Kent: or, A Direction to th eHusbandman, TheMarkham, Gervase614
Institucion of a Gentleman, TheINSTITUTION672
Institution of a Christen Man, TheCHRISTIAN MAN789
Intentions of the Army of the Kingdome of Scotland, TheSCOTLAND829
Intepreter, or Booke Containing the Signification of Words, TheCowell, John231
Interpreter?, TheScott, Thomas673
Introduction into Phisycke, AnLangton, Christopher281
Inuective Ayenste Treason, AnMorison, Sir Richard477
Isle of Man , TheBernard, Richard775
Itinerary Written by F. Moryson. (Containing His Ten Yeeres Travell Through the Twelve Dominions of Germany, Bohmerland, Sweitzerland, Netherland, Denmarke, Poland, Italy, Turky, France, England, Scotland and Ireland), AnMoryson, Fynes387
J. H. Van Linschoten his Discours of Voyages into ye Easte and West IndiesLinschoten, Jan Huygen Van675
Jewell House of Art and Nature?, ThePlatt, Sir Hugh950
Jewell for Gentrie?, AS., T.890
Jonsonus Virbius; or the Memorie of Ben Jonson RevivedJonson, Benjamin258
Journall and Relation of the Action Which E. Lord Cecil did Vndertake Vpon the Coast of Spaine., ACecil, Edward27
Journall or Daily Register of the Voyage of Eight Shippes of Amsterdam, TheNeck, Jacob Van680
Joyfull Newes out of the Newe Founde WorldeMonardes, Nicolas251
Judgement of the Synode at Dort touch Conrades Vorstius, TheDORT678
Jurisdiction Regall, Episcopall, PapallCarleton, George, bishop34
Just Complaint Against an Unjust Doer, Mr. J Paget, ADavenport, John793
Justification of Man by Faith Only, TheMelanchthon, Philipp942
Justification of Separation from the Church of England, ARobinson, John, pastor of Leyden888
JuveniliaDonne, John239
Kegiment of Life?, TheGoeurot, Jehan802
Key of Philosophie, in Two Bookes, TheHester, John605
King and No King, ABeaumont, Francis and John Fletcher290
King's Maiesties Declaration Concerning Lawfull Sports, TheSERIES243
Kinges Edict of Decree upon the Pacification of the Troubles, TheCharles IX, king170
Knight of the Burning Pestle, TheBEAUMONT & FLETCHER152
Labouryouse Journey & Searche of Johan Leylande for Englandes Antiquitees, TheLeland, John750
Lachrimae LachrimarumSylvester, Joshua185
Ladies Triall, TheFord, John285
Lamentable and Pitifull Description of the Wofull Warres in Flaunders, AChurchyard, Thomas790
Lantherne and Candle-Light, or the Belmans Second Nights WalkeDekker, Thomas585
Large Declaration Concerning the Late Tumults in Scotland, ASCOTLAND149
Lathams Falconry, 2 ptsLatham, Simon812
Latine Grammar of P. Ramus, TheLa Ramee, Pierre D. , And Ramus, Petrus 289
Lawes Resolutions of Womens Rights, TheE., T.922
Lawes of the Market, TheLONDON676
Lawyers Light?, TheDoddridge, Sir John588
Learned Commendation of the Politique Lawes of England, AFortescue, John144
Learned Tico brahe His Astronomicall Conjectur of the New andMuch Admired (star) Which Appeared in the Year 1572Brahe, Tycho86
Lessons for 1, 2, and 3 ViolsFerrabosco, Alfonso514
Lethany of J. Bastwock?, TheBastwick, John773
Letter Sent into England from the Summer Ilands, AHughes, Lewis391
Letter Written to the Governours of the East Indian Merchants, AEAST INDIA CO506
Letter, Containing a Most Briefe Discourse Apologeticall, ADee, John502
Letters from the Great TurkeAhmad I, Sultan292
Line of Life, AFord, John457
Litle Herball of the Properties of the Herbes, AAskham, Anthony843
Little treatise of Baile and Maineprize, ACoke, Sir Edward582
Logike of P. Ramus, TheLa Ramee, Pierre De107
London and the Countrey Carbonadoed?Lupton, Donald879
Looking-Glasse for Married Folkes, ASnawsel, Robert763
Lord Coke His Speech and ChargeCoke, Sir Edward444
Lord Marques Idlenes?, ThePaulet, William, marquis of Winchester949
Loues Sacrifice, A TragedieFord, John314
Lovers Melancholy, TheFord, John271
Low Country Commonwealth, TheLe Petit, Jean Francois208
Loyal Subjects Looking-Glasse, AWillymat, William495
Lytle Treatise Composyd by John Stadysshe Against the Protestacion of Robert Barnes at the Tyme of his Death, AStandish, John955
Lytle Treatise of the Maner and Forme of Confession, AErasmus, Desiderius553
M. Blundeville his Exercises, Containing Sixe TreatisesBlundeville, Thomas361
M. Derings WorkesDering, Edward448
METALLICASturtevant, Simon 764
Madness of Astrologers; or An Examination of Sir C. Heydons, TheCarleton, George, bishop53
Magneticall AduertisementsBarlow, William, AB47
Maides Tragedy, TheBeaumont, F. And J. Fletcher431
Making and Use of the Geometricall Instrument Called a 'Sector', TheHood, Thomas610
Man in the Moon or a Discourse of a Voyage thither by D. Gonsales, TheGodwin, Francis, Bp.459
Mansion of Magnanimitie?, TheCrompton, Richard 722
Manuall of Epictetus, TheEpictetus869
Map of Virginia, ASmith, John, governor of Virgina557
Marchant. A Sermon, ThePrice, Daniel951
Martiall Exploytes in GalliaCaesar, Caius Iulius 36
Massacre at Paris: with the Death of the Duke of Guise, TheMarlowe, Christopher335
Mathemitacall Iewell, TheBlagrave, John294
Medytacions of Saynt BernardeBernard, Saint847
Melismata. Musicall phansies, fitting the court, citie and countrey humours. To 3, 4, and 5 VoycesRavenscroft, Thomas411
Merchants Avizo, TheJohn Browne, J.B., Merchant98
Merchants Mapp of Commerce, TheRoberts, Lewes 689
Mesolabium Architectonicum, That is a Most Rare Instrument for MeasuringBedwell, William224
Metamorphosis of Tabacco, TheBeaumont, Sir John360
Microcosmus, or a Little Description of the Great WorldHeylin, Peter743
Militarie Instructions for the CavallrieCruso, John 55
Military Garden; or Instructions for All Young Soldiers, TheAchesone, James637
Minerva Britanna, or a Garden of Heroical DeuisesPeacham, Henry407
Mirrour of the WorldVincentius 960
Miscelanea. Meditations.Grymeston, Elizabeth933
Money Monger; or The Usurers Almanacke, TheTREASURER (The Treasurer's Almanacke)958
Mons PerfectionisAlcock, John706
Morale of Proverbes of Cristyne, TheDu Castel, Christine241
Morall Fabillis of Esope in Scottis Meter be Master Henrisone, TheAESOP282
Most Approved, and Long Experienced Water-WorkesVaughan, Rowland, of New Court, Herefordshire898
Most Delectable and Pleasaunt History of Clitiphon and Leucippe, tr by William Burton, TheAchilles Statius837
Most Delectable, and True, Discourse?, ALithgow, William 399
Most Excellent Homish Apothecary, AHieronymus, Von Braunschweig43
Most Excellent Instruction for the Keeping Merchants Bookes of Accounts, ACarpenter, I. 786
Most Excellent Treatise of the Thre Kynges of Coleyne, TheCologne648
Most Excellent Workes of Chirurgerye, TheDe Vigo, Joannes 67
Most Lamentable and Tragicall Historie, Conteyning the Tyrannie which Violenta Executed upon Her Lover Didaco, AAcheley, Thomas836
Most Profitable Science of Surueying, TheLeigh, Valentine397
Most True Relation of th eAffaires of Cleve and Gulick, ?, APeacham, Henry549
Musica Transalpina. Madrigales Translated of 4, 5, and 6 Parts.Yonge, Nicholas496
Mysteryes of Nature and Art; Conteined in Foure Severall Tretises, TheBate, John, Mechanician845
Nauigations into Turkie, TheNicolay, Nicolas De48
Nauigators Supply, TheBarlow, William, Archd. Of Salisbury430
Necessarie, Fit and Conuenient Education of a Gentlewoman, TheEducation168
Needefull, New, and Necessarie Treatise of Chyrurgerie, ABanister, John300
New Booke of Cookerie, AMurrell, John479
New Englands ProspectWood, William68
New Englands TrialsSmith, John, governor of Virgina416
New English Canaan or New Canaan, Containing an Abstract of New EnglandMorton, Thomas140
New Found World, or Antarcticke, TheThevet, Andre417
New Invention of Shooting Fireshafts in Long-Bowes, AINVENTION674
New Letter of Notable Contents, AHarvey, Gabriel193
New Life of Virginea: being the Second Part of Nova Britannia, TheJohnson, Robert332
New Starr of the North, Shining Upon the King of Sweden, TheGil, Alexander801
New Way to Pay Old Debts. A Comoedie, AMassinger, Philip262
New, Cheape, and Delicate Fire of Coleballes, APlatt, Sir Hugh550
New-Englands PlantationHigginson, Francis256
Newe Attractive?, TheNorman, Robert616
Newe Boke of Iustices of the Peas, TheFitzherbert, Sir Anthony109
Newe Boke of Presidentes in Maner of a Register, APhayre, Thomas569
Newe Booke, Containing the Arte of Ryding, ABlundevile, Thomas118
Newe Iewell of Health, TheGesner, Conrad381
Newes from Italy of a Second Moses or?Balbani, Niccolo905
Newes of the Complement of the Art of Navigation and of the Mightie Empire of CataiaLinton, Anthony204
News from America; or, a New Discoverie of New EnglandUnderhill, John348
News from Virginia, the Lost Flocke TriumphantRich, Richard269
News of the Present Miseries of Rushia: Occasioned by the Late WarreBrereton, Henry11
News out of Holland of the East India(sic) Trade ThereHOLLAND609
News out of the Coast of SpaineHaslop, Henry466
Nobel Experyence of the Vertuous Handy Warke of Surgeri, TheHieronymus, Von Braunschweig531
Nobles, or of Nobilitye With a Small Treatise of Philo a Jewe, TheHumphrey, Laurence534
Notable Historie of the Saracens, ACurio, Coelius Augustinus (Augustine)863
Nova Britannia; Offring Fruits by Planting in VirginiaJohnson, Robert111
Nova Francia Lescarbot, Marc877
Obedience of a Christen Man and How Christen Rulers Ought to Governe, TheTyndale, William897
Objections Answered by Way of Dialogue?Helwys, Thomas603
Observations in the Art of English PoesieCampion, Thomas441
Observations of Sr R. Hawkins in His Voiage into the South Sea 1593, TheHawkins, Sir Richard49
Of Divorce for Adulterie and Marrying Againe, that there is No Sufficient Warrant so to doBunny, Edmund781
Of Domestical DutiesGouge, William803
Of Englishe Dogges, The Diversities and the PropertiesCaius, Joannes110
Of Old Age, of Friendship. W. Caxton, 1481 Cicero, Marcus Tullius 861
Of Wisdome, Three Bookes.Charron, Pierre315
Of the Knowledge and Conducte of WarresProcter, Thomas, Poet268
Of the Lawes of Ecclesiasticall PolitieHooker, Richard390
Office of Generall RemembranceOFFICE681
One Dialogue or Colloquy Entitled DiuersoriaErasmus, Desiderius244
Opiologia. Or a Treatise Concerning the Nature and Safe Use of OpiumSala, Angelo892
Orations, of Arsanes Agaynst Philip?Arsanes233
Ordering of Bees, TheLevett, John398
Orders Taken and Enacted, for OrphansLONDON, Orders and Regulations537
Orders and Directions fot the Better Administration of JusticeENGLAND, Public Docs451
Original & Sprynge of All Sectes & Orders, TheORIGINAL946
Orlando Furioso in English Heroical VerseAriosto, Lodovico259
Orthographie, AnHart, John40
Packe of Spanish Lies, Sent Abroad in the World, ASpanish Lies487
Palis of Honoure (poem), TheDouglas, Gawin, bishop89
Pallas Armata, or Militarie InstructionsKellie, Sir Thomas331
Pammelia. Musicks MiscellanieRavenscroft, Thomas412
Pandectes of the Law of Nations, TheFulbecke, William928
Paradisi in Sole, Paradisus Terrestris?Parkinson, John 758
Paradoxes of Defence?Silver, George8
Parte of a Register?, AENGLAND, Church of509
Pasquils Mad-Cap and Mad-Cappes MessageBreton, Nicholas200
Path-Way to Knowledge: Containing the Whole Art of Arithmeticke, TheTapp, John66
Pathway to Knowledg, Containing the First Principles of Geometrie, TheRecord, Robert 687
Pathway to Militarie Discipline, ARich, Barnaby177
Pathway to Prayer and Pietie, TheHill, Robert744
Patihie Exhortation to Her Majestie for Establishing Her Successor, AWentworth, Peter519
Pedegrewe of Heretiques, TheBarthlet, John 76
Pens Excellencie or the Secretaries delights, TheBillingsley, Martin849
Pensive Mans Practise, ANorden, John401
Perfect use of Silkwormes, TheSerres, Olivier de345
Perfet Directions for All English Gold, Now Currant in the KingdomeReynolds, John, of the Mint886
Perfite Platforme of a Hoppe Garden and Necessarie Instructions for the Making and Mayntenaunce Thereof, AScot, Reginald620
Petition and Remonstrance of the Governor and Company, etc., TheEAST INDIA CO305
Phisicall and Approved MedicinesGardiner, Edmund191
Phylaster of Loue Lyes a Bleeding 1620Beaumont, Francis and Fletcher, John. 18
Physick for the Sicknesse Called the PlagueBradwell, Stephen. 852
Physyke of the Soule, TheBecon, Thomas713
Picture of a Papist?, TheOrmerod, Oliver756
Picture of a Perfit Common Wealth, TheFloyd, Thomas518
Picture of a Puritane?, TheOrmerod, Oliver757
Pious Prentice, or the Prentices Piety, TheJackson, Abraham746
Plaine Confutation of a Tretise of Brownisme Entituled: Description of a Visble Churche, AAlison, Richard9
Plaine Declaration that our Brownists be full Donatists, AGifford, George661
Plaine Description of the Bermudas now Called Sommer Ilands: with an Additino etc., AJourdan, Silvester394
Plaine Mans Path-Way to Heaven, TheDent, Arthur652
Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke, AMorley, Thomas207
Planters Plea, TheWhite, John60
Pleasaunt Disport of Divers Noble Personages entitled Philocopo (Filocopo), ABoccaccio, Giovanni 277
Poems. With Elegies on the Author's DeathDonne, John240
PoemsDrummond, William 83
Pollitique Platt, for the Honour of the Prince, AHitchcocke, Robert388
Poore Orphans Court, TheS., M.551
Poore Vicars Plea, TheRyves, Sir Thomas953
Poore-Mans Plaster-Box, TheHawes, Richard664
Posies of --- Corrected and Augmented, TheGascoigne, George929
Positions Where Those Circumstances be Examined Necessarie for the Training Up of ChildrenMulcaster, Richard339
Post for Divers Partes of the World?, TheRowlands or Verstegan, Richard889
Practise of Chymicall, and Hermeticall Physicke, for the Preservation of Health, TheDu Chesne, Joseph728
Practise of Fortification, TheIve, Paul29
Prayers or Medytacions?Catharine Parr, Queen788
Preachers Travels?, TheCartwright, John858
Preparation to Deathe, A Booke as Deuout as EloquentErasmus, Desiderius733
Preparative to Mariage..., ASmith, Henry762
Prerogative of Parilaments in England, Provedin a Dialogue, TheRaliegh, Sir Walter686
Present Boke Named the Shyp of Folys of the Worlde?, TheBrant, Sebastian229
Preseruative, or Triacle, Agaynst the Poyson of Pelagius, ATurner, William418
Prince, Nicholas Machiavel's, TheMacchiavelli, Niccolo51
Principles of Arithmeticke, TheSalignacus, Bernardus130
Principles of Christian Religion, TheBECON, THOMAS774
Principles of Geometry, Astronomie and Geographie, Gatherd, TheHenisch, Georg321
Principles of Musik, in Singing and Setting, TheButler, Charles284
Prisoners Conference, TheSavile, Thomas486
Priviledges and Practice of Parliaments in England, TheENGLAND, Parliament654
Proceedings of the Grisons in the Yeer 1618, TheGRISONS383
Proclamation against Breaking Monuments Antiquitie, ASERIES370
Proclamation for the Marchauntes Aduenturers, ASERIES368
Proclamation?Against the Slanders Laid upon the Evangelical?, AGELDERLAND930
Profitable Instructions for Manuring, Sowing and Planting of Kitchin GardensGardiner, Richard596
Profitable Treasise of the Anatomie of Mans Body: newly Reuyued, AVicary, Thomas629
Profitable Worke to this Whole Kingdome., AProcter, Thomas, esquire885
Profitable and Necessarie Booke of Observations, AClowes, William366
Prognostication Everlstinge of Righte Good Effect?, ADigges, Leonard727
Prognostication for 1559, TheNostradamus, Michael186
Proposition Concerning Kneeling? Receiving Howsoever, ABradshaw, William912
Protestation of the Generall Assemblie Made in the Hight Kirk?, TheSCOTLAND, Church of343
Prouerbes or Adagies with Newe Addicions, Gathered out of the Chiliades of ErasmusErasmus, Desiderius124
Pryncyples of Astronamye?, TheBorde, Andrew570
Publication of Guianas Plantation, AGUIANA525
Publicke Register for? CommerceENGLAND, Public Docs655
Purchas His Pilgrim.Purchas, Samuel146
Purple Island, TheFletcher, Phineas313
Pyers Plowmans Exhortation unto the Lordes KnightesPiers, Ploughman821
Pylgremage of the Sowle, TheDeguileville, Guillaume de726
Pyrotechnia; or, a Discourse on Artificiall FireworksBabington, John295
Q. Horatius Flaccus: His Art of PoetryHoratius Flaccus, Quintus670
Quo Vadis? A Just Censure of Travell as it is Commonly Undertaken by the Gentlemen of Our NationHall, Joseph, bishop740
Rare and Most Wonderfull Things which E. Webbe Hath Seene. Newly Enlarged, TheWebbe, Edward564
Rates of Marchandized, as they are Set Down in the Booke of Rates, TheCustoms165
Rede Me and Be Nort Wrothe For I Say No Thynge but TrotheRoy, William485
Relation Between the Lord of a Mannor and the Coppy-Holder his Tenant, etc., TheCalthorpe, Charles440
Relation of Maryland, AMARYLAND815
Relation of Some Special Points Concerning the State of Holland,?, AScott, Thomas623
Relation of Some Yeares Travaile Begunne Anno 1626?, AHerbert, Sir Thomas349
Relation of a Journey Begun Anno Dom. 1610. Foure Bookes, ASandys, George554
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VulgariaHorman, William745
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Workes Scott, Thomas621
Workes of ArmorieBossewell, John145
Works, Examined, Corrected, and Published, TheGreenham, Richert524
World Encompassed by Sir F. Drake?, TheDrake, Sir Francis103
Writing Schoolemaster or the Anatomie of Faire Writing, TheDavies, John794
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