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The English Experience
Books printed in England before 1640
964 facsimile editions

The most extensive series of facsimile reprints of books originally published in England between 1475 and 1640.






























The Scope of the Series -

As a source for scholars, book collectors, and librarians seeking original English texts, the ENGLISH EXPERIENCE series has no precedent. Beginning with the first books printed from movable type in 1475 and continuing for two centuries, the series is an exciting representation of the history, culture, and thinking of the Renaissance in England.

Each book was chosen for its significance to present scholarship and because it was generally unavailable on the market.

The Making of the Series -

Each volume is a true facsimile of the original, reproduced from full-scale negatives to ensure the greatest possible clarity.? Images for negatives were created using low-light, non-destructive camera techniques. Printing is by photo-offset on specially made paper with a long life expectancy.

Bindings are in hard covers designed for library use; only a very small number of the books -- generally those counting less than 48 pages -- are sewn in wrappers. Most of the books are in folio, 4to, 8vo, or 16mo. If any book contained maps, drawings, charts or other fold-outs or inserts, those are reproduced as close to the originals as possible.

Covers are red cloth with a solid-block, blue rectangle on the front and one on the spine containing gold lettering with the title, author's last name and year of original publication. Later volumes, toward the end of the series, have the series book number -- also in gold -- at the base of the spine. All are printed in original sizes making for books ranging from 4 ins to 20 ins in height.

Those few titles sewn in wrappers are dark red with black or dark blue print and a single-line rectangle on the front only (no printing on spine).

A collation of the original copy used for reproduction is included in each facsimile, as well as an acknowledgement (quoting the shelf number) to the library whose copy is reproduced.

The Publication of the Series -

All books were produced in the Netherlands starting in 1967, in groups of about 70 titles comprising ca. 11,000 pages in each group. Upon completion, 14 groups with 964 titles were available.

Books were published using the facilities of Da Capo Press, New York, NY by:

Theartrum Orbis Terrarum B.V.
Keizersgracht 526

or 1017 EK Amsterdam-Netherlands

The titles were distributed (until the mid-1990s) in the U.S. by:

Walter J. Johnson, Inc
355 Chestnut St
Norwood, NJ 07648

The History of the Series -

Vols 001 - 075 1967-8
Vols 076 - 143 1968-9
Vols 144 - 212 1969
Vols 213 - 283 1970
Vols 284 - 357 1971
Vols 358 - 422 1971
Vols 423 - 496 1972
Vols 497 - 565 1973
Vols 566 - 634 1974
Vols 635 - 705 1974
Vols 706 - 769 1975
Vols 770 - 835 1976
Vols 836 - 901 1977
Vols 902 - 964 1979

ISBN 90 221 0001 4 through 90 221 0964 1.

Categories include, but not limited to, medicine, botany, philosophy, military, religion, literature, society, government, geography, and music.

Key search words: ?theatrum orbis terrarum?, ?walter j johnson?, ?da capo?, ?english + experience?, ?engexp?, ?TEE? or ?T.E.E.?