Elizabethan Money: Prices

  1. Clothing
  2. Arms
  3. Lodging
  4. Games
  5. Furnishing
  6. Misc
  7. Food


Needles1 half-crown for larger dameskus
1 crown for smaller dameskus
1 farthing for wooden dameskus
Pins1 shilling/dozen for dameskus
groat a measure (handful) of iron
Hook & Eyes1 shilling/1000 (1590s) [Cunnington, p88]
Mandillion15 or 16 shillings
The following is a tailor's bill of 1569 'for a blacke clothe cote' [Cunnington, p110]
For one yarde one quarter of blacke clothe for a cote at 16s the yarde.2s
For bayes for to lyne the skyrtes20s
For russet fustian for the upper bodye14d
For sylke18d
For 3 dozen of buttons9d.
For canvas for the collar4d.
To Busshell for the makyng3s.
1586 hat prices: each
  • 'littell narrow felts lyned with vellett for men' 4s. 6d.
  • 'braide (broad) Spanish felts' 1s. 4d.
  • 'graye felts eged and banded' 1s. 3d.
  • 'cullered felts' 2s. 0d.
  • 'coullered filt [sic] eaten with moths' 1s. 0d.

    Arms & Armor

    Bows6 shillings, 8 pence for best foreign yew
    3 shillings, 4 pence for second quality
    2 shillings for English yew
    Caliver12 to 30 shillings
    Musket12 to 40 shillings
    Pike/bill2 to 3 shillings
    Powder7 pence/pound


    Feather bed1 pence/night; 6 pence/week
    Double feather bed8 pence/week
    Double flock bed4 pence/week

    Games & Recreation

    Pack of cards2 pence


    Wooden bowls1 pence
    Wooden spoons1/4 pence


    DungOb. a bushel

    Food Prices

    Fruits & Vegetables
    Apples3 per farthing
    OnionsOb. a bushel
    Raisins3d per pound
    Beef3d per pound (best beef)
    Goose4 pence
    Herrings3s per 200
    Mutton1 1/2 d per pound (best mutton)
    Oysters4d per bushel
    Quail1/2 d
    Butter3/4 pence/ 3 ounces (1 pence/stick)
    CheeseSoft: tester per 1/2 length whell
    CheeseHard: tester per 1/2 length whell
    Cheese1 pence/6 ounces
    Curds and whey3 farthings. 2 pence per 1/2 gallon
    Eggs6 per pence (2 pence/dozen)
    Garlic3 farthings a strand
    Sugar1s per pound
    Cloves11s per pound
    Cinnamon10s 6d per pound
    Ginger3s 8d per pound
    Breads & Cereals
    Biscuit1 1/2 pence/pound
    Bread2d per loaf
    Honey2 groat per 1/2 gallon
    Oatmeal1 penny/pint (6 packets)
    Ale1/2 d per tankard
    Wine2s per bottle of French



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