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  1. Admirable Secrets of Physick and Chyrurgery, The, by Thomas Palmer and Thomas Rogers Forbes, editor. Yale University Press, New Haven, 1984, 221pp, HC. [America, 17C] Contents

  2. Alarming History of Medicine, The, by Richard Gordon. St. Martin's Press, New York, 1993, 256pp, HC. [Europe, BC-16C; also Western, 17-20C]

  3. Antique Medical Instruments, by C. Keith Wilbur. Schiffer Publishering, West Chester, Pennsylvania, 1987, 149pp, PB. [Europe, 16C; also Europe, America, 17-19C]

  4. Antique Medical Instruments, by Elisabeth Bennion. Sotheby's Publications, London, 1979, 355pp, HC. [Europe 16C; also Europe, America, 17-19C]

  5. Apologie and Treatise, The, by Ambroise Paré and Geoffrey Keynes, editor. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, 1952, 227pp, HC. [France, Europe, 16C] Contents


  6. Behind the Doctor, by Logan Clendening. Garden City Publishing, New York, 1933, 458pp, HC. [Europe, BC-16C; also Western, 17-19C]

  7. Black Death, The, by Philip Ziegler. Alan Sutton, Bath, Avon, 1969, 249pp, HC. [Europe, 14C]

  8. Body Snatchers, by James Moores Ball. Dorset Press, New York, 1989, 216pp, HC. [Europe, England, Scotland BC-16C; also Western, 17-19C] Contents


  9. Call the Doctor: A Social History of Medical Men, by E. S. Turner. St. Martin's Press Inc., New York, 1959, 320pp, HC. [England, 14-16C; also England 17-19C]

  10. Centaur: Essays on the History of Medical Ideas, by Felix Ibanez-Marti . MD Publications, New York, 1958, 714pp, HC. [Europe BC-16C; also Western 17-20C]


  11. Dentistry: An Illustrated History, by Malvin E. Ring, Abradale Press, New York, 1985, 320pp, HC. [Europe, Africa, Asia, BC-20C]

  12. Devils, Drugs and Doctors, by Howard W. Haggard. Charles River Books, Boston, 1980, 405pp, HC. [Mediterranean, Europe, BC-19C] Contents

  13. The Development of Natural History in Tudor England, by F.D. Hoeniger and J.F.M. Hoeniger. Folger Books, The Folger Shakespeare Library, Washington DC, 1969, 81pp, PH. [England, 16C] Contents

  14. Disease and History, by Frederick F. Cartwright. Dorset, New York, 1972, 248pp, HC. [Europe and Africa, BC-19C]

  15. Doctor on the Stage, The: Medicine and Medical Men in Seventeenth Century England, by Herbert Silvette. University of Tennessee Press, Knoxville, Tennessee, 1967, 291pp, HC. [England, 17C] Contents

  16. Doctor in History, The, by Howard W. Haggard. Dorset Press, New York, 1989, 406pp, HC. [Europe, Mediterranean, BC-16C; also Western 17-19C] Contents

  17. Doctor's Quotation Book, The: A Medical Miscellany, by Dr. Robert Wilkins, editor. Barnes and Noble, New York, 1991, 96pp, HC. [World BC-20C] Contents

  18. Doctors and Medicine in Early Renaissance Florence, by Katharine Park. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1985, 298pp, HC. [Florence, 14-15C] Contents



  19. Familiar Medical Quotations, by Strauss, Maruice B.. Little, Brown and Company, Boston, 1968, 968pp, HC. [World, BC-20C] Contents

  20. Folk Medicine: Cures and Curiosities, by Edward F. Dolan. Ivy Books, New York, 1993, 247pp, PB. [World, BC-20C] Contents

  21. From Paracelsus to Newton: Magic and the Making of Modern Science, by Charles Webster. Barnes and Noble Books, New York, 1982, 107pp, HC. [Europe 16-18C] Contents


  22. Galen: On Respiration and the Arteries, by David J. Furley and J. S. Wilkie. Princeton University Press, Princeton, New Jersey, 1984, 289pp, HC. [Rome, Greece, BC] Contents

  23. Gerard's Herball: the Essence thereof distilled by John Gerard and Marcus Woodward, editor. Crescent Books, New York, 1985, 303pp, HC. [England 16C] Contents

  24. Great Plague of London, The, by Walter George Bell. Bracken Books, London, 1994, 374pp, HC. [England 17C]


  25. Herbs for the Mediaeval Household: For Cooking, Healing and Divers Uses, by Margaret B. Freeman. Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 1943, 48pp, PB. [Germany, Europe, 15C] Contents

  26. Hildegard of Bingen's Medicine, by Wighard Strehlow and Gottfried Hertzka. Bear and Company, Santa Fe, New Mexico, 1988, 161pp, PB. [Germany, 12C] Contents

  27. Hippocratic Writings, by G. E. R. Lloyd, editor. Penguin Books, London, 1983, 380pp, PB. [Greece, BC] Contents

  28. History of Medicine, A; Vol II: Early Greek, Hindu, and Persian Medicine, by Henry E. Sigerist. Oxford University Press, New York, 1961, 352pp, HC. [Greece, India, Persia BC]

  29. History of Nursing, by Josephine A. Dolan. W.B. Saunders, Philadelphia, 1968, 380pp, HC. [Europe BC-16C; also Western 17-20C]

  30. History of Ophthalmology, The: Vol. 1: Antiquity, by Julius Hirschberg. Verlag J. P. Wayenborgh, Bonn, Germany, 1982, 351pp, HC. [Europe, Asia, Africa, BC-7C] Contents

  31. History of Ophthalmology, The: Vol. 2: The Middle Ages; The Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries, by Julius Hirschberg. Verlag J. P. Wayenborgh, Bonn, Germany, 1985, 345pp, HC. [Europe, Asia, Africa, 8-17C] Contents

  32. History of Pharmacy, by Edward Kremers and George Urdang. J. B. Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1940, 466pp, HC. [Europe, BC-16C; also Western, 17-20C]

  33. History of Surgical Anesthesia, The, by Thomas E. Keys. Dover, New York, 1963, 193pp, HC. [Western 19-20C]

  34. History of Surgery, The Illustrated, by Knut Haeger. Bell Publishing Company, New York, 1988, 288pp, HC. [Asia BC, Europe, BC-16C; also Europe, 17-20C] Contents

  35. Hunted Heretic: The Life and Death of Michael Servetus, 1511-1553, by Roland H. Bainton. The Beacon Press, Boston, 1953, 270pp, HC. [Europe, 16C] Contents


  36. In Hospital and Camp: The Civil War through the Eyes of its Doctors and Nurses, by Harold Elk Staubing, editor. Stackpole Books, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, 1993, 166pp, HC. [America 19C] Contents

  37. Issues in Chirurgery: A Collection from Al-Qanun , by Michael Greenberg. The Compleat Anachronist No. 42, Society for Creative Anachronism, Milpitas, California, 1989, 96pp, PH. [Europe 5-16C] Contents


  38. John Dee: The World of an Elizabethan Magus, by Peter French. Dorset Press, New York, 1972, 243pp, HC. [England, 16C] Contents



  39. Lectures on the History of Physiology: During the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries, by Sir Michael Foster. Dover Publications, New York, 1970, 310pp, PB. [Europe, England, 16C; also 17-18C] Contents


  40. Magic and Healing: The History and Folklore of Magical Healing Practices from Herb-Lore and Incantations to Rings and Precious Stones, by C. J. S. Thompson. Bell Publishing, New York, 1989, 176pp, HC. [Europe, BC-17C] Contents

  41. Magic into Science: The Story of Paracelsus, by Henry M. Pachter. Henry Schuman, New York, 1951, 360pp, HC. [Europe, 16C] Contents

  42. March of Medicine, The: The Emergence and Triumph of Modern Science, by H. S. Glasscheib. G.P. Putnam's Sons, New York, 1963, 360pp, HC. [Europe, 13-16C; also Europe, America, 17-20C] Contents

  43. Medical History for Students, by John R. Green. Charles C. Thomas, Springfield, Illinois, 1968, 197pp, PB. [Asia, Africa, Europe; BC-20C]

  44. Medical Investigation in Seventeenth Century England, by Charles W. Bodemer and Lester S. King. Williams Andrews Clark Memorial Library, University of California, Los Angeles, 1968, 55pp, PH. [England, 17C] Contents

  45. Medicine: A Treasury of Art and Literature, by Ann G. Carmichael, editor, and Richard M. Ratzan, editor. Hugh Lauter Levin Associates, New York, 1991, 376pp, HC. [Europe, Asia, BC-20C]

  46. Medicine and Society: in Later Medieval England, by Carole Rawcliffe. Allan Sutton, Fromme, Somerset, 1995, 241pp, PB. [England, 14-16C]

  47. Medieval and Early Renaissance Medicine: An Introduction to Knowledge and Practice, by Nancy G. Siraisi. University of Chicago Press, Chicago, London, 1990, 250pp, PB. [Western Europe, 12-15C] Contents

  48. Medieval and Renaissance Eyeglasses, by Al Kuhfeld and Mary Kuhfeld. The Compleat Anachronist No. 1, Society for Creative Anachronism, Milpitas, California, 1982-1990, 28pp, PH. [Europe 13-16C] Contents

  49. Medieval Health Handbook, The: Tacuinum Sanitatis, by Luisa Cogliati Arano. George Braziller, New York, 1976, 153pp, HC. [Europe, 14-15C] Contents

  50. Medieval Herbal, A, by Chronicle Books (firm). Chronicle Books, San Francisco, 1994, 68pp, HC. [Europe, BC-16C] Contents

  51. Medieval Hospitals of England, The, by Rotha Mary Clay. Methuen and Co., London, 1909, 357pp, HC. [England 10-15C]

  52. Medieval Leper, The: and His Northern Heirs, by Peter Richards. Barnes and Noble, New York, 1977, 178pp, HC. [N. Europe, 12-15C]

  53. Medieval Medicus: A Social History of Anglo-Norman Medicine, by Edward J. Kealey. The Johns Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1981, 211pp, HC. [England 12C] Contents


  54. Nursing History in Brief, by Minnie Goodnow. W.B. Saunders Co, Philadelphia, London, 1950, 274pp, HC. [Europe BC-16C, also Western 17-20C]



  55. Physician Throughout the Ages, The; Vol I, by Arthur Selwyn-Brown. Capehard-Brown Co, New York, 1928, 848pp, HC. [Asia, Europe BC-16C; also World 17-19C]

  56. Plague and Pestilence, Encyclopedia of, by George C. Kohn. Facts on File, New York, 1995, 408pp, HC. [World, BC-16C; also World, 17-20C]

  57. Plagues and Peoples, by William H. McNeill. Doubleday, New York, 1977, 340pp, PB. [World, BC-16C; also World 17-20C]

  58. Poor Planter's Physician, The: Every Man His Own Doctor, by John Tennent. William Parks, Williamsburg, Pennsylvania, 1736, 72pp, PB. [America, England, 18C]

  59. Popular Home Remedies and Supersitions: of the Pennsylvania Germans, by A. Monroe Aurand, Jr.. The Aurand Press, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, (unknown year), 32pp, PH. [America, 17-19C] Contents


  60. Quacks of Old London, The , by C. J. S. Thompson. Barnes and Noble Books, New York, 1993, 356pp, HC. [England 16-18C] Contents


  61. Revolutionary Medicine: 1700-1800, by C. Keith Wilbur. The Globe Pequot Press, Old Saybrook, Connecticut, 1980, 80pp, PB. [America, 18C] Contents

  62. Royal Touch, The: Monarchy and Miracles in France and England, by Marc Bloch. Dorset Press, New York, 1961, 441pp, HC. [England, France, 14-17C] Contents


  63. School of Salernum, The: Regimen Sanitatis Salerni (The English Version), by Sir John Harrington. Ente Provinciale per Il Turismo, Salerno, Italy, 1966, 92pp, PB. [Italy, England, 11-16C] Contents

  64. Selected Writings of William Clowes: 1544-1604, by F. N. L. Poynter. Harvey and Blythe Ltd., London, 1948, 179pp, HC. [England, 16C] Contents

  65. Shakespeare's Insults for Doctors, by Wayne F. Hill and Cynthia J. Öttchen. Clarkson Potter, New York, 1996, 80pp, HC. [England, 16-17C] Contents

  66. Short History of Medicine, A, by Erwin H. Ackerknecht. The John Hopkins University Press, Baltimore, 1982, 277pp. [Europe, Asia, BC-16C; also World 17-20C] Contents

  67. Short History of Medicine, A: Introducing Medical Principles to Students and Non-Medical Readers, by Charles Singer. Oxford University Press, New York, 1928, 368pp. [Europe, BC-16C; also Europe,17-19C]

  68. Sketch of Medicine and Pharmacy, A, by Samuel Evans Massengill. S.E. Massengill Company, Bristol, Tennessee, 1943, 445pp. [Europe, BC-16C; also Europe, America, 17-20C] Contents

  69. Sixty Centuries of Health and Physick: The Progress of Ideas from Primitive Magic to Modern Medicine, by S. G. Blaxland Stubbs and E. W. Bligh. Sampson, Low, Marston and Co., Ltd., London, 1931?, 253pp. [Europe, BC-16C, also Europe 17-19C]

  70. Source Book of Medical History, by Logan Clendening. Dover Publications, New York, 1942, 685pp. [Egypt, Europe, BC-16C; Western 17-20C]


  71. Three Vesalian Essays: to Accompany the Icones Anatomicae of 1934, by Samuel W. Lambert and Willy Wiegand and William M. Ivins, Jr.. MacMillan Company, New York, 1952, 130pp, HC. [Europe, 16C] Contents


  72. Unclean Spirits: Possession and Exorcism in France and England in the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Centuries, by D. P. Walker. University of Philadelphia Press, Philadelphia, 1981, 116pp, HC. [England, France; 16-17C]



  73. Witches, Midwives, and Nurses: A History of Women Healers, by Barbara Ehrenreich and Deirdre English. The Feminist Press, New York, 1973, 46pp, PH. [Europe, BC-16C; also Western 17-20C] Contents




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